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Hello, I’m Mary, Cariad Marketing’s Social Media expert. I joined the team in June 2015 and have extensive experience in building social media strategies, social media optimisation and community management on social networks. It helps that I love a good chat, but I also have a strong understanding of how social engagement can drive brand awareness, improve SEO and drive traffic to your website.








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So what is Social Media?

Social Media is a collection of online channels that enable users to share, create and participate in conversations and content in both public and private communities. There are literally hundreds of social media channels out there but some of the big players include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Paid-for Social Media

For the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn brands can guarantee visibility in users newsfeeds through sponsored posts, display ads and for LinkedIn, InMail. The advertising platforms within social media will allow you to intelligently target key audiences with your content however there is always a cost for doing this, usually paid for by the number of clicks or impressions of your advertising.

Owned Social Media

This could be everything from communities or forums you create on your website to Facebook pages and Twitter profiles you set up for your brand to connect with customers, local businesses, suppliers, charities and industry related bodies. You control the content and how frequently you post and engage with your online community. If the community is within your own website you also control the moderation. If the community is on another social media channel such as Facebook or Twitter you also control the moderation to an extent but are restricted within the guidelines of the social media channels.

Earned Social Media

Every brand loves positively earned social media. From communities set up to talk about their love of your brand to customer ratings and reviews, earned social media are communities set up to talk about your bran, service or product in a channel outside of your owned social media.

Ok, so why is social media important?

Although as a Social Media expert I’m slightly bias when it comes to advocating social media, it really is a fantastic way to connect with your customers outside of your shop or website. It can also help you reach new audiences both locally, nationally and even globally depending on what your business objectives are. Through social media we often find lead generation is strong as customer advocacy along with showcasing your own customer service on these channels can help customers in the decision-making process. What’s more it’s an added boost for SEO too and for the majority of channels, to set up a page or profile is free.

Can I do social media myself?

The short answer to this is yes. The majority of people in this day and age have a personal Facebook profile or Twitter account at least. You know how to upload a photo or like a post or share something with a friend. However from a business perspective you need to have a strategic approach, understand the right channels to be on, who to target and the relevant content to be sharing, curating and producing. In no time at all your Twitter profile can go from 100 followers to 5,000 and suddenly you have a live, very influential account and a large, active audience who demand your attention to talk to and service. This is where our social media packages can become incredibly useful to small and medium-sized businesses who often don’t have the resource internally to manage their social media channels. Our team of dedicated social media experts can get under the skin of your brand and build your social media channels to drive an engaged and influential community on your behalf.

How can Cariad Marketing help with my social media?

Based on your business objectives we will create a social media package that you can buy from us at a set price for a recommended number of hours and social media channels to manage. With this you will have a team of social media experts at your disposal to optimise your social media presence, manage your communities and engage with prospects based on your objectives, giving your more time to focus on other priorities.

1. First things first we’ll work with you to decide on the most appropriate social media channels to launch your business on

2. We’ll create you social media profiles if you’re new to the channels, or optimise your old ones if you already have accounts

3. We’ll then work with you to identify your business objectives and key topics you’d like to talk about so we can build a calendar of content that aligns with your overall marketing strategy

4. The team will then work to optimise your social media creating and publishing content, managing and moderation conversations and building your Klout score

5. You’ll be able to check everything we do on a monthly basis too as we’ll send you a Social Media report

Fancy trying social media yourself but  would don’t have the confidence to manage your business’s social media channels at the moment? Our bespoke Social Media training programmes could be right up your street.


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