An office makeover at Cariad Marketing

Team wall
16 Jun 2015

We’ve been busy bees in the office over the past couple of weeks – not only has our wall of awards grown we’ve given our office in Hertford a bit of a Cariad Marketing makeover.

As our team continues to expand our new desks have enabled us to create more space for team members whilst a bright splash of red certainly brings the Cariad Marketing branding to life too.

New office makeover

Cariad Marketing’s new office makeover

Team wall

Meet the team

We’ve finally managed to put up all our beautiful awards with space for any future wins for digital marketing campaigns and initiatives. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

Awards wall

A proud team in the office, our new awards wall showcases our agency wins

We can’t end our blog without a special mention to Carole, who’s feeding our sweet teeth with her quirky biscuit tin she picked up from a recent weekend away, although we’re not sure how long the biscuits will last!

Our biscuit tin

Biscuits all round at Cariad Towers

If you’re in Hertfordshire pop in for a cuppa on our comfy sofa and a biscuit or two, you’ll feel right at home.


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