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How to use Twitter for local business

Congratulations you’ve launched your company in Hertfordshire and you’re now open for business. You’ve heard Twitter for local business is a ‘must have’ and whether you’re a B2C or a B2B business one thing is certain, connecting with local businesses will certainly help drive your success – it’s all about who you know, how you can help them and how they can help you.

Online, where better to start than Twitter? It’s an organism built up of millions of communities connected through interests, stories and most importantly for you, location.


So how do you use Twitter for local business?


  1. First things first, learn the ropes

From your Tweets, DMs and Moments to your hashtags – do your research. Once you have a good grasp of the basics you can use this real-time social media platform to help you achieve your business goals. Take a look at other accounts who use Twitter for local business in your area too to give you a good idea of the type of content being published and how engaged audiences are. This type of research will also give you a good indication of who the main influencers are in your local area. Take local business in Hertford as an example … @yohertschamber the Chief Executive of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce would be a great account to follow as they’re connected to literally hundreds of companies across the county. If it’s all a bit overwhelming, local digital marketing agencies often offer social media training sessions to help you get to grips with the basics.


  1. Next step … set up a Twitter profile

Every element of your Twitter profile should reflect who you are as a business, this includes: setting up a Twitter profile picture (usually your brand logo) and cover photo, writing a short description for your bio and a link to your website. You want to make sure you’re attracting the right type of followers to your page so give as much relevant information as you can to capture their attention. Ensure you let your audience know you’re there too – from adding a link to your Twitter profile on your website to promoting in your shop or office.


  1. Build a content strategy

Twitter for local business can be brilliantly effective if you use it in the right way. Always develop a content strategy if you can – it can evolve over time but should give you a good sense of direction when you first launch your Twitter account. If you’re a local Hertfordshire florist for example, think about who might be interested in your services and what they might want to glean from your Twitter profile. Remember Twitter is about real-time updates so if you’re a busy florist in the run up to Mother’s Day snap photos of your team at work creating bouquets, share most popular flower orders and give top tips on how your audience can spend Mother’s Day in your local area. They key is not to be too sales focused and think outside the boundaries in terms of the direct product you sell.

Connecting with other local businesses is where your influence on Twitter begins to really grow. Retweet content from other local businesses e.g. if your local restaurant is promoting a Mother’s Day lunch offer or a beauty salon is offering Mother’s Day pamper treatments share their activities on your page too.

Endorsement and referrals can also reap rewards when it comes to using Twitter for local business – recommend services that complement your business that may be relevant to your audience. For example as a local florist in Hertfordshire it would be a good idea to connect with local hotels in Hertfordshire who may be looking for flower arrangements.

Twitter for local business doesn’t have to be overly time consuming either. There are a number of scheduling tools out there including Hootsuite and Sprout which enable you to pre-schedule your Tweets on a day and time that suits you. Over time you can optimise these days and times based on the volume of engagement you receive.


  1. Grow and engage your followers

I’ve mentioned connecting with relevant local businesses on Twitter, this could include everyone from the local paper to complementary products and services and the local council.

Keep your content fresh, engaging and relevant and try where possible to engage with likeminded businesses. In the case of Hertfordshire there’s a great Twitter hour on a Monday 8-9pm where local businesses Tweet to share news and engage with other local businesses for support. It’s a great way to engage and support each other and more often than not new business opportunities can bloom. If you’re planning to use Twitter for local business in Hertfordshire you can engage in this conversation using the hashtag #HertsHour and join in every Monday evening.

Twitter for Business

Cariad Marketing use Twitter to engage with local business


  1. Monitor your results

As with all digital marketing activities, monitor, report, review, analyse and optimise should be a key part of your strategy to ensure you are reaping the rewards of your investment in using Twitter for local business. Your Klout score will give you a good indication of how powerful your influence is on social media but also bear in mind how engaged your audience is with your content to help you when creating and scheduling your tweets.


Thinking about using Twitter for local business? Get in touch with the Cariad team we’d love to be social together with you.

Website Design Services for MB&A

It’s been a busy start to 2016 for our Website Design Services here at Cariad Marketing in Hertfordshire, as the team launched a new responsive website for Commercial Property Consultants MB&A, based in London.

Founder Michael Boardman approached Cariad Marketing in 2015 with the aim of making his website work harder to drive lead generation for commercial property enquiries in London, across a number of sectors including B1 Offices and D2 Education/Health.

After a consultation with Cariad Marketing’s Website Design Services the team worked with Michael to develop a new, responsive website which not only now allows MB&A to showcase new and let properties within their portfolio, but additionally create a rich hub of commercial property based content including a blog and glossary of terms to help visitors make an informed decision when looking for a Commercial Property Consultant.

The fruits of our Website Design Services teams’ labour … MB&A

Cariad Marketing's Website Design Services

MB&A enrolled Cariad Marketing’s Website Design Services for their new website

Do you think your website could work harder for your business? If you have a website but it’s not responsive, we’d love to talk to you about which of our Responsive Web Design packages could be right for your business. For more information about how we can design and build a mobile friendly website for your company give the Cariad Marketing team a call on 01992 582 824 or fill out a quick contact form and a member of the team will get back to you.

Is Digital Marketing for Small Businesses Worth It?

“So is digital marketing for small businesses worth it?” As a Digital Marketing expert in Hertfordshire it’s a question I’m often asked by business owners. Let’s face it, whether you are digitally-minded or not, it’s a topic on the agenda for many businesses.

The big question is, as a small business owner are you a ‘digital ostrich’ when it comes to investing in Digital Marketing? As someone who’s worked in Digital Marketing for over 8 years, it’s true I’m biased when it comes to my opinion on whether investing in Digital Marketing for small businesses is worth it – of course it is I’ll say, what other marketing channel can you track if your investments are working hard enough for you?

Let’s take Jane. Jane has a professional training company based in Hertfordshire. At the moment Jane is growing her business, she’s a one man band and responsible for running her business, training her clients and marketing. Jane converts 1 in 5 enquiries and would ideally like 10 enquiries a month to bring in the revenue she needs. Life for Jane is pretty hectic. 80% of her business comes from networking, she has a website and places ads in the local newspaper but most of her work comes from networking where she knows she’ll meet the right people. The trouble is, lack of time. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if Jane’s website worked harder for her to generate enquiries so she could focus on the core of her business … corporate training?

You see the beauty of Digital Marketing is not only that you can you set up Digital Marketing in the right channels and target it to the right audiences, you can measure and monitor pretty much all of your activity and investments too: how much website traffic is coming through to your site? Where is your traffic coming from? From your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign how many visitors came to your website and made an enquiry? Based on how much money you spent on your PPC campaign what’s the return on investment (ROI) per click?

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

When you’re starting up, is digital marketing for small businesses really worth it?


So is Digital Marketing for small businesses worth it?

Here are my top three common misconceptions from small business owners…

1) “Digital Marketing for small businesses is expensive”

Digital Marketing for small businesses doesn’t have to be expensive. First things first, decide on your overall marketing budget and how you want to split this between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Do you know where your customers are? If you know they’re online it might be that you want to dedicate a greater proportion to Digital Marketing spend e.g. 80:20.

Talk to a Digital Marketing agency. As long as you know what your key objective is, they should be able to guide you in terms of the right digital marketing channels to help you achieve this. If conversions are key then SEO and PPC may be the best route for you – if it’s engagement you’re looking for then Social Media could be your best bet. If you’re reaching out to a specialist agency for Digital Marketing for small businesses, through their expertise and channel research on keyword competitiveness they should also be able to guide you on not only how much to invest in each channel but when to invest, to ensure your budget is working hard enough for you.

2) “To invest in Digital Marketing for small businesses you need to be an expert”

If you don’t have the resource or knowledge within your business for Digital Marketing I would really recommend outsourcing to a certified Digital Marketing agency. Whilst you will pay for their services, in the long run having experts on board from the start should ensure you are optimising your budget and results are turned around efficiently. Yes it’s true anyone can set up a Social Media channel or run a PPC campaign for their business, what’s not so easy is implementing the technical knowledge and expertise to fully optimise and manage these channels effectively to ensure you’re achieving your business objectives and money is invested wisely.

3) “Digital marketing for small businesses can wait”

They say time waits for no man and in the world of Digital Marketing it’s certainly true. If you’re not online or even more importantly not showing where your customers and potential customers are online, in the longer term it could have a detrimental effect on your business as chances are your competitors are already in this space and vying for their attention. Even if at this moment in time you can’t afford an all-singing-all-dancing Digital Marketing strategy for your business, prioritise the most important channels and focus investment there. For example if you’re looking to generate 10 new enquiries a month through your website you might want to put your initial investment in SEO. Once this goal is reached and you can increase your budget, further investment might be made in Social Media or Email Marketing depending on your business’s growth plan.

Have you already asked yourself the question “is digital marketing for small businesses worth it?” Now might be the time to take action. Give us a call on 01992 582824 or fill out our Contact form – the team at Cariad Marketing would love to chat about how we can help accelerate your business online.

Searching for a Hertford Entrepreneur

Are you a Hertford Entrepreneur? Hertford Town Council is on the hunt for a new, local entrepreneur with a prize fund of £3,000 up for grabs to further invest in their business.

As a previous winner of Hertford Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, our very own MD Justine Perry is a firm advocate of the awards which serves to recognise local entrepreneurs who are making impressive waves in the development of their business. “Winning Hertford Entrepreneur 2015 was brilliant recognition not just personally but for the Cariad Marketing team as a whole who continue to work successfully with our clients to produce award-winning digital marketing campaigns for SMEs across Hertfordshire. If you’re a local entrepreneur I’d really encourage you to enter. Our prize fund was further invested into the Cariad team with upskilling training and development to help us with our future plans for growth”.

Hertford Entrepreneur

Hertford Entrepreneur of the Year 2016


The £3,000 prize has been funded by Cllr Andrew Stevenson’s County Council locality budget. In addition to the prize money, the Town Council have partnered with Axis Magazine and Hertfordshire Mercury who will both offer the winner an editorial write up.

Isabel Sigmac, the Chairman of Hertford Entrepreneurs said: “This award is the only one recognising entrepreneurs who are based in and around Hertford. Not only will we be celebrating those who are established but those silent ones who have the potential to make it big. I am really looking forward to discover what the applicants have to say about what makes them tick and how they achieve success”.

How to enter the Hertford Entrepreneur Awards 2016

To enter simply send your details and answers to the following questions to Melissa Bolton by Friday 5th February 2015.

Name of the Entrepreneur/Founder:

Name of the Business:

Date started trading:

Address of the Business:

Telephone No: Email Address:


Please answer each of the following questions in no more than 50 words per question:

  • Explain the nature and scope of your business.
  • What risks have you undertaken to achieve your business objectives?
  • What is the commercial success and profitability of the venture?
  • Where do you go from here?
  • What do you now need to do to progress your business further?
  • Where do you see your business in 5 years?
  • What would you use the prize money for?

Alternatively, you can make a 60 seconds long home video about your business instead of completing the questions above.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for all the entries and wish you the best of luck with yours!

Looking for help with your award entry? Give the Cariad Marketing team a call on 01992 582824 or alternatively complete our Contact form and a member of the team will get back to you.

Understanding the Benefits of Video Advertising

This December I successfully passed my Google Partners video advertising certification. It’s a relatively new exam launched by Google as the search engine increasingly recognises the power of video and the opportunities for brands to build brand awareness and engagement through this unique advertising platform.

Did you know that YouTube (which is owned by Google) is now the second largest search engine after Google? The channel has over 1 billion unique visitors per month and over 1.3 million hours of this is commercial watch time. In just one year alone (2013-2014) video views increased by 38.5%. Now I’ll admit that most of my hours are spent watching “The Sneezing Baby Panda” and “You Shall Not Pass Dog” for a chuckle, but when I think about it I also use YouTube for “how tos” too: from how to thread my Janome sewing machine to following The Body Coach’s #Leanin15 quick and healthy meals in the kitchen. Vlogs are increasingly addictive too, perhaps one of the most famous in the UK being Zoella who has over 9.7 million subscribers to her lifestyle channel. Now just imagine if you could get your brand message in front of these highly engaged YouTube subscribers …

Video Advertising with Zoella

UK Vlogger sensation Zoella has over 9.7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel

So what are the benefits of video advertising?

With the search network maturing there’s an ever-increasing amount of competition and as a result average cost-per-click looks set to be on the rise.  One of the key benefits of video advertising is that in the world of display advertising it can be a much cheaper alternative. In the first instance, setting up and running a YouTube channel is free, the only cost you pay as a business is the manpower to set it up which is a relatively simple task.

In the case of both in-display and in-stream video ads, payment is only charged when an action is taken by the viewer. For in-stream videos this is when a user views 30 seconds of your ad or interacts with the ad (a caveat to this is if your ad is under 30 seconds you would still be charged) and for in-view ads you only pay when a user clicks and begins to view your ad. Much like PPC you can set a maximum bid for your advertising which in the case of video advertising is CPV (cost per view). Again as with the case of PPC you can also make video bid adjustments to ensure you are optimising both your budget and video advertising objectives to make the most efficient use of your budget.

It goes without saying that video is a captivating form of digital media, particularly when the content is attention grabbing, humorous and/or gives an answer to the question you are searching for. YouTube statistics show that video advertising is particularly effective because of this and in fact only 10% of their viewers choose to skip an in-stream ad before the 30 second payment threshold.

Did you know that with in-stream ads you can also set up “companion banners”, a 300×60 ad that sits to the right hand side of your video giving your brand and message even more exposure on any given page – this ad can be an image or video and again you are only charged when a user interacts with your ad.

A quick-fire round of other benefits of video advertising

1) Video is mobile

Online video now accounts for almost 50% of all mobile traffic. Mobile video is convenient, and users are more likely to be more engaged as they’re either searching for something specifically or needing entertainment whilst on the go i.e. commuting.

 2) Video advertising can be targeted

Selling kitchen utensils? Target video cookery demonstrations. Brand of trainers? Target fitness videos … with video advertising the targeting opportunities are endless, but what you can be sure of is getting your video ads to the right people, at the right time, with the right interests.

3) Video analytics

Just like PPC, YouTube also provides you with analytics for you to be able to analyse the performance of your video advertising. It also includes real time metrics so you can have visibility of viewer behaviour.

4) Video conversions

Some of the biggest online retailers including Amazon have demonstrated that by showing an ad it can increase the chances of a viewer making a purchase by 35%.

As I write this blog I’ve come to realise that with all the learnings from the video advertising training I had with Google, I could most definitely publish a few more blogs on the topic, if only to explain in-stream and in-display video advertising options in a bit more detail. Stayed tuned and I’ll getting writing!

Fancy giving it a go for your business? Give the Cariad Marketing team a call on 01992 582 824 or fll out a quick contact form and a member of the team will get back to you.

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Top 5 predictions for Email Marketing in 2016

Is it that time already? I can’t believe that I’m sitting down to write my top 5 predictions for Email Marketing in 2016, this year has just flown by … and so have developments in digital marketing.

So here it goes, grab a cuppa and have a read of …

My Top 5 Predictions for Email Marketing


1) Synchronising content

It’s a bit of a bugbear of mine when brands don’t launch integrated campaigns. A single person makes a transaction with you. They may make that purchase in a shop but chances are they’ve already browsed your website, read your product reviews, followed you on Twitter and have signed up to receive email marketing from you. They’re a multi-channel customer. If you have a promotion in your shop the chances are you’ll tell that customer when they’re shopping, hey you might even put up a few posters. Have you emailed them about it too? No? Why not? Ok so to an extent synchronising content is already happening – it’s Christmas, you put your decorations up in your shop and you send an email with Christmas offers. The future of email marketing? It’s taking that one step further and synchronising the in-store experience and online experience through your website and even social media channels with specifically targeted content that complements your campaign messaging. Sounds so simple. That’s because it is. You have so much to talk about, your customers are talking about you, take that content and synchronise it into a seamless email campaign.

2) Micro-targeting content

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … digital = data. We can track so much more with our customers now than we have ever been able to. With increasingly more intelligent CRM systems creating micro-targeted content that is specifically tailored to a unique group of customers, or even individuals to serve them the most relevant content is within our reach. The most obvious starting point would be social media – if you can match your customers’ email with a social media profile then chances are you can track their interests. Are they tweeting about an upcoming holiday they’re planning? Send them an email about holiday insurance, hire cars, recommended hotels or even a reminder to get their jabs … whatever the message keep it relevant, but more specifically, if you can, micro-target it. Check out Spotify’s super targeted email marketing to a Lady Antebellum fan …

Micro-targeted content

Spotify harness the power of customer data with micro-targeting

3) Email designs for wearables

So tablets and mobiles entered the digital world and we responded with responsive emails. Apple watches and internet wearables come into play and we … haven’t really done anything about it yet. Wouldn’t it be super clever and super proactive if brands started thinking intelligently about the design and display of email marketing for a new era of devices?

Apple Watch

Who will be the first off the mark with email marketing for internet wearables?

4) Campaign automation

Email Marketing doesn’t have to be a lethargic digital marketing service. It shouldn’t be overly time consuming and it most definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. If a customer has given us their email address let’s use it in the right way, at the right time with the right message: “Thank you for your purchase”, “Happy Birthday”, “Are you running out of your moisturiser yet?”, “We noticed you abandoned your shopping basket, can we tempt you back?” With an increasing amount of simple automation software options available in the market there really shouldn’t be any excuse for not setting up automated email campaigns however large or small your business is.

Predictions for Email Marketing

The future is email marketing. We love’s lapsed customer emails

5) Big Data Usage

The beauty of the digital age is that behavioural data can be monitored, captured and utilised. If we know who are customers are, when they shop, how they shop, how long they spent on our website, when the last time they shopped with us was, how much they spent in a single transaction, how much they spend in an average transaction, what they abandoned in their shopping cart (… you get the idea) then we should be translating this data into intelligent targeting to push each website visitor and customer further through the conversion funnel.

AND FINALLY … don’t forget your WWW … Why are you emailing a customer? What are you emailing them about? Where will you track results?

How do our predictions for Email Marketing compare to your strategy for the new year? Think you might need some help mapping out your Email Marketing strategy for 2016? Give us a call on 01992 582824 or complete a contact form and a super Email Marketing whizz in at Cariad Towers will get back to you asap.

Harnessing the power of Customer Experience

It often astounds me when I have a negative customer experience with a brand I love. Outside of when I’m in a shop, the only time I usually engage with my favourite brands is because I’ve bought a product from them and it needs returning or I’ve had an email to say I need to renew my service and so I have a genuine reason to engage with them outside of my original purchase.

In the marketing world we talk about two golden words ‘acquisition’ and ‘retention’; the strategy of attracting and retaining new customers via striking campaigns, engaging content, beautiful products, and innovative marketing communications – yet how many brands are guilty of placing a full stop at the end of a customer journey once a purchase has been made?

Retention is often assumed if a customer enjoys using the product but how many brands consider the after care service? I know, for example if I’m looking to renew my Sky subscription, a poor communication experience with their Contact Centre or lack of relevant, appealing renewal promotions in their retention campaign to me will significantly impact my judgement as to whether I remain a loyal customer or shop elsewhere.

The customer experience your brand delivers can also be integral to the efficiencies of your business. Do you need to send three letters followed by an email, a telephone call with six ‘press XX’ options and a follow-on direct mail piece to every customer that needs to renew their Sky subscription? More than likely not. As a brand have you spent enough time strategically reviewing and streamlining your customer experience journey against trackable results? Again … questionable.

A brand's customer experience journey

The importance of communication in a brand’s customer experience journey

Speaking to Adexchange recently who are specialists in streamlining a brand’s customer journey, it sounds like the ABC of good marketing. 1) Define your customer journey 2) Determine the right channels for communication 3) Establish the right tone and style of your customer journey.

Adexchange highlight the importance of reducing your costs and transforming the customer experience by streamlining your service channels.  This can include anything from redesigning each customer journey, to simplifying inefficient dialogues across more than 30 languages including IVR, email SMS, social and surveys. The bottom line? All results delivered should be measurable.

Top 3 tips to improve your Customer Experience Journey


  1. Keep it simple

Streamline your customer communications for every key scenario to make customer contact with your brand simple and hassle-free. If you have an IVR system (e.g. “Press 1 for new contracts”, “Press 2 for renewals”) make it simple for customers to navigate with minimum actions required by the customer to achieve their desired outcome.

  1. Make it intelligent

Know who your customer is? What they have purchased? How long they have been a customer? What’s their preferred way to communicate e.g. social media, text, email? If you already have the answers to these questions then use this information! Information is key to building strong customer relationship management. If a customer is treated as an individual rather than one of the masses they are far more likely to engage with you and more importantly, stay with you.

  1. Ensure language is accessible

Even if your brand roots are in the UK but you’re increasing your customer base across new territories, chances are a proportion of your customer base speaks a different language to your brand’s native tongue. If this is the case, ensure your communications are multilingual. With so many translation services now available, once you have established your customer communications script, ensure it’s available in the languages of your core customers. Ok you could argue that English is a universal language but you’ll connect more with your customers if you can demonstrate that you genuinely care about their relationship with your brand.

If you think streamlining your customer journey should be at the top of your priorities, speak to our chums at Adexchange today to see how they can help you deliver a seamless customer experience.

Ambition 2015 Conference

Fancy joining Cariad Marketing at Ambition 2015? How does a day listening to not 1 but 5 inspirational UK Business leaders sound to you?

The first Hertfordshire sales and marketing event of its kind, Ambition 2015 is a collaborative venture created by local businesses including: HB Accountants, Duffield Harrison, Skeltons Wealth Management, Handelsbanken, Ashbourne Insurance, Ambition Broxbourne, Curwens, The Herts Business Independent & The Herts Chamber of Commerce.

Taking place on the 19th of November at the High Leigh Conference Centre, the conference will be jam packed with amazing speakers designed to drive your business to the next level.


(Above) Ambition 2015: a sales and marketing conference.

Key Speakers at the Conference

Phil Jones, named on the Power 100 for Insider North West Magazine, a Top 100 Thinker by Britain Means Business and a Top 100 figure in the manufacturing industry. Phil is the Managing Director of Brother UK. Find out more about Phil here>

Geoff Ramm, The ‘Billy Connolly’ of service and marketing, Geoff is an award-winning speaker, internationally. Read all about Geoff here>

Andy Lopata, who the Financial Times called ‘One of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ is a global authority and author of three books on networking and referrals. Find out more about Andy here>

Zoe Jackson MBE, featured in the “Top 100 Inspiring Women” list in Elle magazine, is an award-winning entrepreneur who set up the Living the Dream Performing Arts Company at just 16 years of age to inspire young people and to subsidise her own performing arts and education. Read all about Zoe’s journey here>

With such a fantastic line up it really is an event not to be missed.  Tickets are just £57, including lunch, with all profits donated to Isabel Hospice and Teens Unite.

Tickets are limited so make sure you book ahead to avoid disappointment.  We’d love for you to join us! Book now >

A responsive website for Foxholes Farm in Hertford

We’ve been down on the farm for our latest responsive website project as award-winning Hertford-based Foxholes Farm approached Cariad Marketing to design and build their new website.

The Responsive Website Brief

Foxholes Farm is based just off the A10 in Hertford, Hertfordshire. Family run, the working farm is going from strength to strength with fresh, home-reared produce, a café and farm shop full of delicious meats, cheese, preserves, cakes and pastries. In addition the farm hosts a variety of events for all ages from cookery classes to barn dances and regularly attend farmer’s markets.

With exciting plans in the pipeline Foxholes Farm approached Cariad Marketing to revitalise its website with a responsive design – particularly important in light of Google’s latest algorithm change which penalises sites that are not mobile-friendly when customers are searching for websites on Google on a mobile device.

The website needed to reflect the rural, working farm experience with an easy to use Content Management System to enable staff at Foxholes Farm to upload content including blogs and events, simply.

The Result

Cariad Marketing designed and built a fully responsive website for Foxholes Farm. Created on a bespoke WordPress template, the website is simple to manage and update with fresh content including events and news stories.

Foxholes Farm reponsive website

Cariad Marketing create a responsive website for Foxholes Farm

In addition the website also features an ordering functionality for customers to click and collect fresh produce from Foxholes Farm shop.

If you would like more information on responsive website designs, and how Cariad Marketing can enhance the performance of your website call us on 01992 582824 or pop in for a cuppa and slice of cake, we’re based in the centre of Hertford.

Cariad Wins Gold for Online Marketing

It brings us great pleasure to announce that Cariad Marketing has struck gold at the Hertfordshire Digital Marketing Awards 2015, winning the Gold award for Best Online Marketing Campaign with the SEC Group and Silver award for Best Use of Social Media for Business.

In an evening that was sure to bring a buzz of excitement and anticipation, with Cariad demonstrating we can deliver outstanding results for our clients. It’s on occasions like this which leaves everyone in the office grinning with pride for both the team and our client.

Our very own Emma Perrott and Justine Perry collect a Hertfordshire Digital Award

The Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2015

Since 2013, the Digital Awards have recognised innovation and entrepreneurship across a multitude of counties. The awards span over a variety of industries but all the entrants must demonstrate distinct use and success with digital media platforms, campaigns and strategies.

With 14 award categories, competition was tight:

• Best Blog
• Best Mobile App
• Best Online Marketing Campaign – Gold award for Cariad Marketing and SEC Group
• Best Online Business
• Website: School, Education or Charity
• Website: Marketing and Creative
• Best Use of Social Media For Business – Silver award for Cariad Marketing
• Best Responsive Website
• Best Use of Video for Business
• Best Small Business Website
• Website: Tourism and Hospitality
• Website: Sport and Entertainment
• Spirit of Hertfordshire
• Best Website


Cariad Marketing wins Gold and Silver at the Hertfordshire Digital Awards

Cariad Marketing’s Managing Director Justine Perry is delighted by the success “it’s fantastic to be recognised amongst some of the top digital marketing talent in Hertfordshire, coming away with not one but two awards. We work hard to deliver above and beyond for our clients and our Gold Award for Best Online Marketing Campaign is a credit not only to the Cariad team but the fantastic working relationship we have built with our innovative client SEC Group.”

Cariad Marketing and SEC Group

Smiles all round with our award-winning client SEC Group

Would you like to work with an award winning digital marketing agency? If so then then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone on 01992 582824. If you’d rather pop into the office and talk face to face then feel free to pop in for a cuppa and slice of cake – we’d be more than happy to chat about how we can help your business generate award-winning results.

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