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2018 Digital Marketing Review – What’s in and out?

It’s that time of year again when we look to the New Year to see what trends will be coming over the horizon for a 2018 digital marketing review. With that we will also say goodbye to a notable number of pleasant surprises that we saw in 2017, such as live streaming and Snapchat, but we’ll talk about those in a moment.

Digital Marketing Review

If you’re expecting huge fireworks from a 2018 Digital Marketing review, then you’ll probably be disappointed, but that’s not to say that there won’t be any surprises along the way. Big Data was a high riser in 2017 and I’d eat my non-existent hat if we don’t see a continued rise in 2018. Knowledge is power and with Big Data you can’t have enough knowledge.


What’s in?

Video Content ✓✓✓

Video Marketing was highly anticipated by many in the marketing world and didn’t let us down. A recent poll by Hubspot found that the two most in-demand services for 2018 are YouTube and Facebook Video (48% and 46% respectively). Video content is an effective way of differentiating your business by showcasing your skills but it is also a great tool for social engagement.


“Video marketing is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s good” - Somebody on the internet Click To Tweet


It’s not just a flashy gizmo either, as 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI. When you apply this to Inbound Marketing, Video Content helps to position your business as a provider of genuine quality information and does it in an eye-grabbing and unique way too; no-one else in the world has anything like your video.


Mobile Marketing ✓✓

Year-on-year, the number of smartphone users has grown and is forecast to do the same in 2018. This year, on record there are 2292.5 million smartphone users and in 2018 it is predicted this number will increase again in 2019 to 2480.4 million. The chart below showcases a case study’s traffic level in 2016 vs 2017. Mobile traffic has overtaken desktop in the last year as the main traffic driver for the website, coming up to 57.5% of all visits.

(Traffic by Device: Blue = Mobile, Green = Desktop and Orange = Other)

When people talk about mobile marketing, it’s not just smoke and mirrors. Mobile is having a real-life effect on the marketplace and how users are searching online. This makes tools like GeoTargeting (the ability to target mobile users by geography) evermore effective and timely. One to watch…

Voice Search

The Stone Temple survey showed that Voice Search is now the second highest function for voice commands on a mobile device, after making a call. However, participants actually stated that they wanted Voice Search to give them fewer results to choose from and wanted to be sent directly to an answer, rather than clicking a website/app. Whilst it’s not there just yet, 2018 could see some real landmarks for Voice Search.


What’s Out?

Email Marketing ✘✘

Before you jump to any conclusions, I will say that there is still hope for Email Marketing, but with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into play, the email marketing game will change forever. Already 74% of businesses anticipate that GDPR will have a medium or big impact on their business. One thing that we do know at this stage is that there will be big cultural changes and processes in place within businesses like yours to make sure you stay compliant after May 2018.


Twitter ?

One thing Twitter will always excel at is the ability to send snippets of information almost instantaneously to people around the world and, of course, it brought us the beloved hashtag (#memories). Unfortunately for Twitter, it is somewhat a victim of its own success. With so many people tweeting, ‘noise’ becomes a big issue. How can you communicate your key USP to your target market when it disappears into the proverbial abyss?

Twitter won’t be going anywhere this year, but will we see businesses navigate away from arguably the most famous social media platform in history? Only time will tell…


Digital Marketing Review Recap…

What’s in? What’s out?
Video Content ✓✓✓✓ Email Marketing ✘✘
Smartphones ✓✓✓ Twitter ?
Voice Search ✓✓


Tackling Online Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing

For decades, businesses of every size have strived to find strategies and techniques for successful lead generation. Fads have come and gone, telemarketing has dropped in and out of fashion and, with so many digital options, marketers’ jobs have become more and more challenging.


Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever, but just how does your brand ensure it becomes prominent, rather than just becoming another pixel in all the white noise?

Instead of pushing your services and products on your customers, why not try pulling your customers in with some Inbound Marketing magnetism?

The aim is to position yourself as a trusted and desirable brand so when potential customers want or need your products and services, they don’t have to go looking for you … because they already know you! Click To Tweet

What is Inbound Marketing?

Put (very) simply, inbound marketing is designed to draw your customers to your business through:

The aim is to position yourself as a trusted and desirable brand so that by the time potential customers want or need your products and services, they don’t have to go looking for you … because they already know you!

This gives you a massive advantage over your competitors. If potential customers already know and trust you, they are far less likely to start researching other brands.

How does Online Lead Generation work?

In a hugely fragmented digital world, the key to success is ensuring your brand is active for all the touch-points on a potential customer’s online journey.

At the first point of contact, your prospective clients know nothing about you, so you need to attract them with content they will find interesting and relevant, and educate them about your brand.

Having an active social media presence, SEO and blogs gives people the information they need to spark an interest in your brand, to become attracted to your company’s ethos and personality, and encourage them to visit your website.

All your touch-points rely on having a single anchor point: your website. By directing your traffic to relevant landing pages with compelling calls-to-actions, you can then begin converting traffic into qualified leads.

And the journey doesn’t stop there. Once you have converted your lead into a qualified sales enquiry and then into a sale, continue to use inbound marketing to encourage repeat business and inspire your new customers to become enthusiastic brand advocates.


Get in touch

We like to think we practise what we preach at Cariad Marketing. If you’re looking to ‘tackle online lead generation’ or would like advice on any aspect of digital marketing, call us on 01992 582 824.

What are Gmail Ads and do they add value to your Digital Marketing?

If you speak to any business owner, finding that competitive edge is going to be near the top of their list if not at the top. So if I say I had a golden ticket to giving them that chance to become a cut above the rest, they’d be jumping out of their office chairs and spilling their lunch over their desk in ecstasy…but I don’t. However, Gmail Ads do offer another touch point; the most personal of which we’ve never seen before. Imagine being able to target and connect with potential customers on a much more personal and individual level in their inbox, after all, engagement and connection to the individual is what marketers crave!

2017 is looking to be a huge year for Gmail Ads and the display network as a whole. Click To Tweet

What are Gmail Ads?

Gmail Ads are just starting to come out of their infancy and with over 1 billion users of Google’s email system, 2017 is looking to be a huge year for Gmail Ads and the display network as a whole.

The thing that makes Gmail different from the other advertising platforms is based on how it serves you adverts. Say if you’ve visited a website and have signed up to their newsletter and you receive said email from that website, Google can see these emails.  This information is then used to pulled through adverts which share similarities or things of possible interest to you. A good example of this could be Air BnB (I know, you’re fed up of hearing about Air BnB!). If you were to receive information in your inbox from Air BnB, the chances are you could be served adverts relating to accommodation but also hire cars, flights and possible destinations to visit and what to do there from a whole number of different brands. This is because these emails are essentially saying “Look Google, I’m interested in this!”.

What does a Gmail Ad look like?

An Ad can come in many forms as you can customise how you want to receive your emails using Gmail, but Google is constantly making efforts to streamline Ads into your life without you noticing – because if an Ad doesn’t look like an Ad, what’s the problem? – in Google’s eyes anyway! And this is what makes them so appealing to marketers. Any potential buyers are already higher up the purchasing funnel and have already decided that they have a need for that product, they’re merely choosing which product/service, be it based on price, quality, reputation, or personal referral etc.


A snapshot of an ad in your inbox…looking familiar?

Adverts are getting more sleek and streamlined with organic content and SEO, and you can see this in the examples below. Regardless of how you sort your emails, when displayed they will always appear at the top of the recipients email inbox. You’re immediately leapfrogging the traffic jam of emails waiting to be read by your audience (providing you have the right settings and budget to allow this!).


Mobile is the future: An expanded Gmail Ad

Are Gmail Ads worth the Digital Marketing spend?

If you’re looking for a quick answer to this, then I would have to say…quite possibly. With all digital marketing spend you have to identify what you expect to see as a return. This could be conversions, more traffic to your website or brand awareness. As previously mentioned, the targeting power of Gmail is massive. This obviously means you can be more precise when isolating your audience but, and it’s a big but, you can save money as a result of refining your adverts. Rather than casting your net wide, you can choose specific domains to trigger your adverts, meaning you get the reach and exposure, but at a fraction of the cost. With a well-tuned campaign and an appropriate budget, Gmail Ads can certainly offer your business new opportunities that the tried-and-tested methods can’t.

If Google mail ads tick your box and interested what possibilities it has for your business, you can always get more information from us by leaving a comment below, emailing or call us on 01992 582 824 to speak to a member of the team.

We are a Certified Google AdWords Partner and can help set up and manage Gmail Ads for your company.

We’re always keen to talk about anything marketing so if you have a questioned, don’t let it go unanswered!

Cariad Christmas Celebrations – 2016

As Billy Mack famously sang in Love Actually “Christmas is all around us”, the festive season is well underway… if you say “it’s too early!” well bah humbug to you!

We’ve been well into the Christmas spirit this year at Cariad Towers, with a number of celebrations (we don’t do anything by halves!). The first event really kick-started the festive  vibe – our Festive Coffee Morning. What better way to begin December than by dedicating a morning to drinking coffee (maybe a glass of mulled wine or two) at the same time as helping local businesses do a bit of trading and networking… We also helped raise £200 for Teen’s Unite in the process, so what’s not to love about the whole thing?!

Cariad Christmas GingerbreadCariad Christmas Tree

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the office Christmas party. This year we were at Rigsby’s Piano Café where we enjoyed huge amounts of food, a glass of wine or two and our secret Santa presents. It’s always good to get the opportunity to relax and get to know our colleagues better, and this year we found out: who likes red, who likes white, who prefers rosé, and who’d rather have a beer!


Mary was absolutely chuffed with her very own ‘Moneybox’ Mary from Sara.


Cariad Christmas Open Hours

Like you, Cariad will be celebrating their own Christmas with their friends and family this year which means the office will be closed over the Christmas period. But don’t worry we’ve got our office hours to hand so you know when you can and can’t get hold of us!


Here’s to a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we’ll see you all after the break and look forward to an exciting new year.

Website Launch for Ashbourne Insurance

We can’t seem to catch a break at the moment, but it’s not like we’re complaining! Fresh from working on the responsive website for CAS Electrical the team has also been working on a project for Ashbourne Insurance, a Hoddesdon-based insurance broker providing both personal and business insurance. Now in their 35th year of business, it’s fair to say their previous website had done them proud over the years, but they recognised the need to renew its look and feel.

About Ashbourne Insurance Company

Ashbourne Insurance supply a holistic service covering almost all aspects of insurance, bespoke to their customers’ needs. They are a trusted member of the community, supporting a number of local charities and sponsoring a host of different businesses events in the area. Their fantastic team, is made up of individuals from all different walks of life with difference experiences under their belts and this allows them to diversify their businesses meaning they have a specialist in every field of insurance.

Ashbourne is built on being local and honest. This is why you won’t find an online form anywhere on their website; they want to speak to their customers, and want to ensure they provide them with a policy which will suit their needs. This was something that they wanted to express on their website, so the team found local photography to fit the specification. This gives a much friendlier and homely feel to their website as you’ll see…

The New Responsive WordPress Web Design

As their service offering is so varied, the functionality of the new website needed to incorporate flexible navigation to allow their digital visitors to easily move throughout the website. If not, they could risk confusing potential customers who would then drop off the website. Therefore it was important to have a responsive WordPress web design that complemented the message of the content within the website. With this in mind, the team discussed with the client that a simple, yet innocent design would give the impression of a professional vibe, but with a genuine and approachable feel.

ashbourne-insurance-homepageMost of the website’s copy has remained the same and was migrated from the old website to the new design, which meant our client saved money on copywriting costs, although certain pages have been added or reworked to improve the website’s SEO. We do this as we want to build websites that last in the long-term, rather than build a website that just looks amazing, but doesn’t rank on Google.

If you’ve been thinking about a new website and like what you’ve seen, give us a call and we can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and how they can be best achieved. Our doors are always open if you want to meet the team. You can call on 01992 582 824 or email us at and we’ll get back to you shortly!

LinkedIn Workshop for Steph’s Wishes

It’s Ambition2016 one minute and then a training session the next… If I write one more blog this week, my hands might fall off! If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware that we’ve been running a series of Social Media workshops recently and we held the last of the said workshops last week. Our latest LinkedIn training workshop was all in aid of Steph’s Wishes, a charity very dear to our hearts at Cariad.

We managed to raise a fantastic £250 as a result of Thursday morning’s session.

Social Media goes way beyond talking about what you had for breakfast…it is getting easier and easier for businesses to tap into the online market, but the opportunities are evolving so quickly that many businesses don’t have the skills to take advantage of this. This is why it’s great to hold events like our LinkedIn workshop as it equips businesses with the tools to be able to get started and to spread their Social Media wings!

We got to welcome back some old friends to Cariad Towers for a cuppa and a bite to eat beforehand…


We were among friends on Thursday with Alison Jenkins and Julie Palmer

So after the brief breakfast and catch-up, the attendees made their way to start their LinkedIn workshop training.


Smiles all round from the LinkedIn Hero trainees

The group talked about their challenges with Social Media and discussed how to make themselves appear as the ‘go-to’ individual in their respective field. Of course, Social Media isn’t just about posting regularly but also what content you’re putting out, and it’s not just who’s engaging with you but who you are engaging with.

As with everything, you want to be able to check whether what you’re doing is actually working, so being able to review and measure your profile’s performance is a great tool. It allows you to see who’s checking your profile, who’s engaging with you and what content they are responding to…

It was a great morning and there was certainly a lot of noise before and after the workshop, so clearly a lot of buzz and enthusiasm with loads of talking points to come away with and build upon for the future.

Best of all the day helped to support a growing, passionate charity Steph’s Wishes.

Steph’s Wishes is a charity set up in the memory of Stephanie Knight who tragically died of Ewings Sarcoma in May 2013.  It was Steph’s dream to help other young people with cancer to have something to cherish, so Steph’s Wishes works tirelessly to do just that.  They aim to provide a memorable day for young people diagnosed with recurring or terminal cancer to make memories for themselves and their families to cherish.  This could be a spa day, a theatre trip or a day at the seaside, anything that helps the family be together and smile for at least a day, just to help them forget for a moment.

Ambition 2016 – Sales & Marketing

So it’s that time of year again…and I’m not talking about Christmas or any Game of Thrones related “Winter is Coming” quotes. I’m of course referring to Ambition 2016, the annual Sales & Marketing conference in Hoddesdon. It was the events second year of running after it was hotly anticipated from last years spectacular event. Organised by international speaker and author of three books on networking and referrals Andy Lopata, Ambition pools together phenomenal speaking talent and gives local business some real food for thought in a day event, all being lovely woven together by the very funny and award-winning, TV and radio broadcaster Jeremy Nicholas, whose birthday it was on the day (Happy Birthday Jeremy!).


Ambition Committe from back row left to right: Louise Cambridge, Jeremy Nicholas, Simon George, Rob Skelton , Keith Grover, Debbie Chiltern , Mary Finucane, Sarah Smits, Mary Sykes, Hamit Kurek, Dean Walters, Tim Skelton , David White Front row left to right: Nicky Blay, Amanda Thurston, Lesley Everett, Annabelle Skelton, Andy Lopata, Karla Court, Jack Elkins, Jack Ismail, Corina Hartwig, Elizabeth Laing.Photo by Alison Jenkins of Alison Jenkins Photography.

Myself and Sara kicked off early to help set things up as Cariad were sponsors of the event, but it was clear to see that there was an abundance of excitement and a palpable buzz in the air. The event was kicked off by Andy who spoke about everything networking like “Who Knows You?” and “what do people say when you’re not in the room?” I’m not referring to when you nip out of the office and someone quickly makes a round so there’s one less. Andy made a strong argument for networking woes that many people are often sin to, incorporating effective social media marketing within traditional networking. He acknowledged that social media is now a huge part of the networking scene but that ‘broadcasting’ content is one way to ruin your image; engagement is key to building a strong network of contacts.


Andy Lopata talks networking and social media’s role in building your network

Next up after Andy was Radio 2 presenter and no.1 best-selling author on Amazon, Janey Lee Grace. Working in radio and PR, Janey offered the perspective from the other side to businesses and what editors really want to see from businesses who want to promote their businesses using the press. A huge take-away for myself was something quite simple, but something you don’t obviously assume…and that’s making the life of journalists easier. Editors are inundated with stories every day but how do they choose which is the best one? By writing a press release yourself, you can save them considerable amounts of time and you also get to tell the story you want. But don’t stop there…research the magazines you want to feature in and tell the editors which section you’d like to feature in and why your piece would work perfectly there. At the end of the day, it’s the media job to provide information and stories that their listeners and readers are interested in, so it’s your job to tailor your story to fit those audiences.


Smiles all round! Left to Right: Kelly Molson, Sara Faruk, Janey Lee Grace

After a quick break, David McQueen came to the stage to tell us about story-telling which, as Jeremy pointed out was great for those in the audience with young children…but jokes aside, David delivered an incredibly thought-provoking speech. It particularly linked well with Janey’s speech and your connection with the media. Every business has a story to tell and David covered the three core areas of storytelling: “the whys, whats and how?” when it comes to identifying and tailoring your story to your audience in order to relate to them and get the most out of what your doing, be it a job interview, a business pitch or public speaking. Businesses that tell the best story get heard the most.


David McQueen on corporate story-telling

Lunch came and after some much-needed refreshment we were graced by Lesley Everett and Jack Ismail of Specsavers. Lesley flew in especially from America the night before, in anticipation of a lively occasion. Lesley focus was on on your corporate and personal brands including the differences, if any,  between the two and how can your personal brand affect your corporate brand. People buy people, so if your branding resonates with your target market, they are going to identify and relate to you more so than your competitors, and you will inevitably stand out.

Lesley Everett Ambition 2016

Lesley Everett on stripping back your brand to find out what makes you unique

Last up but certainly not least was the highly-regarded Jack Ismail, the current Retail Operations Director at Specsavers. Jack brought with him a huge amount of insight into now the largest optics retailer in the world. He draw comparisons between Specsavers were when they first started – as just a family-run business who were like many of the attendees at the event to where they are now. He highlighted how Specsavers listened to their customers to expand and grow their businesses by using a flexible and understanding strategy, with projects like their newest domiciliary service called “Healthcall” taking the opticians to house-bound people across the country.


Jack Ismail discussing Specsavers’ winning recipie

The event has a whole was a huge success and just from reading the above you can see there was a wide range of different aspects of business that were discussed. Aside from all the speeches as well, it was an excellent opportunity to practise some of the networking tips from the day by meeting new friends as well…and of course there was always time for a selfie.

Selfie - Ambition - 2016

“But first….let me take a selfie” Photo by Alison Jenkins

Here’s to next year’s #Ambition2017, make sure you keep your eyes on @Amibitonbrox17 Twitter for any updates for on ticket sales and speakers!

Hertfordshire Business Awards Calendar

Winning an award is the cherry on the cake for most businesses because it signifies all the hard work and commitment you (and your team!) have put into making your business stand out.

There are many internal and external benefits of winning an award. Take prospective clients for example – an award is a terrific way of showing people you’re good at what you do – so filling your trophy cabinet can help bring in quality leads for your business. In order to help you in your award-winning endeavours, we’ve put together a guide to the Hertfordshire Business Awards 2017 calendar so you can see what awards there are, and if there are any you are interested in entering.

You may think there’s lots of time before you need to enter, but a very useful exercise is to look at the questions being asked in 2016 – can you answer them fully? The likelihood is the same questions will be asked in 2017 too, so if you don’t think you’re fully up to scratch on some aspects, you’ve got a few months to implement or change anything that’ll help your entry really shine!

Hertfordshire Business Awards Calendar

Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards

First on our list is the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards. The Chamber of Commerce seeks to support local business with networking opportunities and frequently organises training courses to help encourage growth within the community. The categories are arguably the most varied, so whether you’re a charity organisation or operating within the tourism industry there is most likely an award out there for you!

If you’re interested in finding out more check out their website

Entry deadline: March

Awards evening: May


FSB’s SME Awards

Next up is the Federation of Small Business. The FSB plays a huge part in promoting small businesses and acknowledges innovative business ideas with awards such as the “Business Innovation” “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Young Business Person of the Year Award” as well as a number of other activities such as marketing and PR and how effective your business has been at setting yourself apart from the crowd.

You can check out their award categories for 2016 here

Entry deadline: April

Awards evening: June


Hertfordshire Digital Awards

It wouldn’t be a complete awards calendar without including a digital awards ceremony in the line-up, and what’s more worthy than one of Hertfordshire’s largest digital awards? If you check out our social media, you’ll see that we were proud to be finalists in two categories this year.

The HDAs are part of a larger series of schemes that promote creative and innovative thinking within the digital space. If you’ve had a particular social campaign that you’re very proud of, or you’ve had a newly-redesigned website that you think pips your competitor’s, then you might want to keep these awards in mind for 2017.

Here are the awards from 2016

Entry deadline: July

Awards evening: September


East of England Business Champions

Open to a much larger pool of applicants than the other awards on this list, the EofE Business Awards (as they’re sometimes referred to) are open to businesses in Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. The awards are specifically for businesses with a turnover between £25,000 – £5million per annum. The awards recognise a whole number of different achievements from Best New Business to the Hertfordshire Business Champion as well as many more.

You can see the full list of their categories here

Entry deadline: August

Awards evening: October

Hertfordshire Business Awards

The Herts Business Awards are now in their 20th year, so they have seen more winners than a 2p slot machine at a seaside arcade!  The awards are intended to ‘celebrate excellence and innovation within Hertfordshire’ and look at local business successes within the community. They have awards to represent all categories of business from new to old and small to large, not to mention several accolades for standout individuals.

You can find all their categories by following this link

Entry deadline: October

Awards evening: November

That concludes our business awards calendar but there are many other awards to choose from, so if you would like to learn more on any specific one, ask a question in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can always contact them directly via their website. This is only a select number of awards within Hertfordshire and is not an exhaustive list. All dates within the awards calendar were based on dates given for the annual period 2015/2016.

Ambition2016: How Ambitious is your Sales & Marketing?

In November 2015, a brand new initiative was launched to give sales and marketing advice to Hertfordshire businesses. Ambition2016 was launched last year as Ambition2015, it was a sell-out event which earned a lot of praise: “Thank you to @AmbitionBrox15 for a fantastic day yesterday. Full of inspiration to help business thrive in our local community”.

This means, of course, that this year’s conference has a lot to live up to! And Ambition2016 will be doing just that. This November, we have a stunning line-up of motivational speakers specialising in sales and marketing. There will be a wide range of companies represented at the event giving an added networking element to put everything you learn into practice! Book now….


What is Ambition2016?

The annual Ambition conference provides local business with the opportunity to get advice on successfully marketing their business to improve sales and grow their businesses through improved lead generation. This year’s speakers are made up of Andy Lopata, David McQueen, Janey Lee Grace, Lesley Everett, and keynote speaker Jack Ismail. The moderator will be Jeremy Nicholas. Let’s find out a bit more about them all …

Andy Lopata

Andy is an international motivational speaker and author of 3 books on networking and referrals. Once referred to as “One of Europe’s leading business networking strategists”, he specialises in helping businesses build their lead generation through effective networking.

David McQueen

David McQueen is an international motivational speaker, facilitator and presentation coach. He has worked with an array of businesses from a range of industries, the third sector and education. He is a passionate presenter, helping business people to improve their leadership, sales, customer service and motivational skills.

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is an Amazon No.1 best-selling author, commentator and co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show, BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

Lesley Everett

Lesley’s an international professional speaker and specialist on personal branding and the personality of the corporate brand. She has sold her insights and practical advice to audiences across the globe including fortune 100 executives as well as various celebrities and politicians.

Jack Ismail

Jack is the Retail Operations Director for Specsavers, having worked for a number of retail leaders such as M&S, Home Retail Group and Whitbread during his time in the industry. He will be providing a real world example of branding and how professionals can emulate the strategy behind the Specsavers brand.

Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy is an award-winning TV and radio broadcaster, well known for his quirky sports reports for BBC TV and radio. He’s a hugely entertaining speaker with an enigmatic public speaking style which will bring a lot to the event.

Ambition is a hugely popular event in Hertfordshire which not only offers a learning experience for all attendees, but also provides everyone with a great opportunity to connect and network with other growing businesses in the area.

Cariad is one of the local businesses sponsoring this Hoddesdon-based marketing event, but there are a number of others that you can visit at the bottom of this blog.  You can find out much about the event from their Eventbrite page, where you can purchase your tickets or check out the other sponsors.

Ambition 2015 is being held on 14th November 2016 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at the High Leigh Conference Centre in Hoddesdon. At only £95, you can’t afford to miss it! Click here to register.

Ambiton2016 Sponsors & Partners

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce – Chamber of Commerce

Skeltons Wealth Management – Financial Advisors

Broxbourne Council Ambition Broxbourne

HB Accountants  – Hoddesdon Accountants

UOE Hub – Local Office Space to rent

Curwens – Hoddesdon based firm of Solicitors

Duffield Harrison – Law firm based in Hoddesdon, Hertford and Enfield

Cariad Marketing (woo!)

CCT Conference Centres – Conference Facilitators

Handelsbanken – Bank

Hertfordshire Business Independent – Business to Business trade title for Hertfordshire

The Hertfordshire Mercury – Hertfordshire’s local news hub

Ashbourne Insurance  – Family-run Hoddesdon Insurers

and Alison Jenkins Photography – Corporate Photographer

CariadCan Takes on Cancer

Holiday season might be coming to an end (for a few of you anyway!), so what better way to burn off those extra calories guzzled (or glugged!) when you were enjoying the sunshine than to slip into your walking shoes and raise some money for charity? That’s the task that the Cariad Team has set themselves this month. CariadCan! – as we’re now calling ourselves – are walking 10,000 steps a day to raise £500 for Cancer Research UK.


They say that everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, and we’d all love it if our contribution went towards finding a cure. This is why we’re rallying together to do our bit and stamp out cancer once and for all… 10,000 steps at a time.

We knew that 10,000 steps a day would be a difficult challenge, especially for some of the team who drive to work. But we’ve been organising lunchtime walks and the team have been changing their daily routines to include short walks before and after work to stack up those steps!

In addition to the fundraising, we’ve also got an internal competition going on to see who can walk the most steps in September So far, Sarah W is leading the steps at the moment, but only just – Sara’s hot on her heels, followed by Justine. They’ve even got their family and friends involved too, although we’re not convinced they had a say in the matter…

For the Cancer Research challenge, all of us need to be walking more than 70,000 steps a week, and most of the rest of the team are getting theirs in with a little extra for good luck. If, for whatever the reason the team fail to achieve their 10,000 steps a day, we’ve added the extra incentive of a 50p fine per mile, all of which will be added to our donation to charity.

“Luckily the amount of steps the girls are doing are putting the boys to shame, and team CariadCan! Are going to smash our average of 300,000 steps per member over the month. Which is a subtle way of saying ‘come on boys, get moving!”Justine

We’re actually very close to our £500 fundraising target with some very generous donations. Wouldn’t it be great if we could beat it before the end of the month so we can call ourselves team CariadReallyCan! So get your plastic out and visit our JustGiving page and make your difference here.

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