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Top tips for exhibiting at trade shows

Investing in exhibiting at trade shows ?

Exhibiting at trade shows and Expos can be a very effective way of marketing your brand and getting new clients. But it’s not just about budgeting for bespoke exhibition stands or fun branding merchandise – both of these will get you a lot of attention, but if you’re looking for an effective ROI, there are other factors you also need to take into consideration. Here are what we think are the most important elements for trade show success:

Do your research

Attending a trade show or exhibition can be a significant investment for your company, so you need to spend time researching the kind of people who will be going to it, in order to make sure they are your target audience.

Get a good location

You don’t need Phil and Kirsty to tell you that getting a good location is important, so book your space early to ensure you get a good spot. Sadly, there’s no winning formula about what this is, and being in a crowded area like the exhibition entrance isn’t necessarily a good thing. The good news is that you won’t have to spend huge amounts of money on a large stand, as it’s the impression you create that will attract people, not the amount of space you have. Size doesn’t matter, but style does!

A stylish stand

What your exhibition stand looks like is hugely important. A stylish stand will attract attention and encourage visitors to come over to find out more about you. Cost is a deciding factor for most businesses attending trade shows, and many will opt for a shell-scheme from the exhibition organisers – the cheapest option which leaves limited options, many of shell-scheme stands leave brands blending in with other exhibitors.

If you want your brand to stand out, you really need a bespoke exhibition stand. The extra investment could pay dividends in terms of visitors’ perceptions of your brand and the quality of leads it’ll attract. And if you’re planning to attend a number of trade shows, it makes even more sense to create a stand that’s original and eye-catching and can be reused at other shows. Need advice on what will work best for you? Contact local exhibition stand specialists MxL – they are super helpful and their stand builds are amazing.

Sweets, giveaways and activities

Many companies put bowls of sweets or promotional merchandise on their stands to attract people.  Whilst the attention is good, the problem with this is that you could just be attracting people who want a sugar rush or a freebie, and they may not be your target client. An additional downside is that virtually every other stand in the hall will be giving away sweets and promotional goodies, rendering them somewhat null and void in terms of attractiveness.

A better solution is to couple your promotional gifts with a way of engaging people’s attention with some kind of product demonstration, or an activity that’s related to your service. If you can make it fun, so much the better. Keep in mind the reason you’re there: to raise brand awareness and gain leads. Whatever activity you choose, make it appealing primarily for your target audience.

Digital marketing

Marketing before, during and after the event is crucial in terms of spreading your message. You can create a landing page on your website to provide further information about the event, so when you promote your attendance on social media, people have somewhere to visit to learn more.

Using social media marketing creates ‘buzz’. Before the trade show, talk about how excited you are about attending, share any new products or services that you may be launching and/or special offers and promotions, and don’t forget to include the hall that you are exhibiting in, along with your stand number, so visitors can find you. You can also let people know which staff members they can expect to meet and talk to by posting photos. Make sure you post at the start of the first day, and during the event including lots of photos of your stand so people know what they’re looking for … you may even wish to ‘go live’.

Offline marketing suite

Offline marketing is important for the day of the trade show itself. Make sure you have high quality, up-to-date company brochures, and that any staff attending have more than enough business cards to hand out at the event, and are well trained on the products and services you are promoting.

Capture data and follow up quickly

It’s vital that whenever staff talk to someone, they collect their contact details and send a follow up email, as soon as possible after the event, thanking them for their interest in your company. Visitors to trade fairs will meet a lot of people, all trying to sell them goods or services, and generally leave the event with a carrier bag full of brochures, leaflets, business cards and promotional gifts … most of which will go straight into the recycling bin when they get back to the office. A nice, friendly (short!) email will not only remind them of your chat, it will ensure they have your contact details.

Be approachable

For staff at the trade show, it’s going to be a very long, tiring day. How many exhibitions have you been to and have been put off approaching a stand because the people on it look sullen and bored, or are hunched over their mobile phone, oblivious to what’s going on around them? That’s not a good first impression for your brand! Make sure they take breaks away from your stand, so they can stretch their legs or go outside for some fresh air to recharge their batteries. They need to look friendly and approachable whenever they’re on the stand, so they don’t miss opportunities. And don’t forget to brief your staff on wearing comfy shoes!

If you’re investing in exhibiting at trade shows or Expos and would like help with raising awareness through social media, call us on 01992 582 824 to see how we can help, or email and book an appointment.

Could we be winners again?

Once again, it’s time for Cariad to blow its own trumpet. Do-do-do-do-do-do-dooooo!

Imagine our delight when we found out this week that members of Team Cariad are finalists in not one but two categories in this year’s SME Hertfordshire Awards! These business awards are one of the most prestigious in the Hertfordshire calendar so it’s amazing to have been announced as finalists in both the awards we entered.

Apprentice of the Year

I’m thrilled to say that our current SEO apprentice, Rory, is up for Apprentice of the Year. He had no idea we’d even entered him – it was a secret task known to only a select few of us, which involved a lot of surreptitious emailing a lot of whispering in corners when he wasn’t looking. But the look of shock/surprise/delight on his face when I announced the news to the whole team was well worth it! And his Mum’s very proud of him too!

Business Person of the Year

We also found out that I’m up for Business Person of the Year which I’m obviously extremely happy about on a personal and professional basis.

It wasn’t easy for me to enter this category. The questions asked for information about the struggles of setting up the business – those of you who know my story will understand this brought back a lot of very sad and painful memories. However, this did make me realise how far I’ve come and how well I coped with such a challenging time, and it makes me even more proud to be a finalist.

We’ll find out how well we’ve done at the awards event at Tewin Bury Farm on 26th July. All the winners from the Hertfordshire awards will automatically be entered to the SME National finals, so keep absolutely everything crossed for us!

Yay, we won!

We were winners of the Biz 4 Biz awards
I’m delighted to shout it from the rooftops that Cariad won the Best Marketing and Promotional Services Provider Award and we were also finalists in the Best Apprentice category at the 2018 biz4Biz Awards.

Even the Beast from the East couldn’t stop me hot-footing it (well, cold-footing it in my wellies if you want to be more accurate) to Tewin Bury Farm Hotel on Friday night. The biz4Biz Award ceremony was possibly the only event in the country that wasn’t cancelled because of the snow last week and I’m so glad I made the effort to get there – albeit very slowly and carefully.

Biz4Biz Awards

Cariad was up against some very tough competition and I honestly didn’t think we would win – I was just happy to have been shortlisted. So coming home with a trophy (which is now on display in our awards cabinet) was the icing on the cake… and you must know by now what Team Cariad’s opinion of cake is!

This is only the second year biz4Biz have been running the awards which are designed to highlight the best businesses in Hertfordshire. So the accolade of being judged the best marketing company in the county is extremely flattering indeed.

Team Cariad has won the Best Marketing and Promotional Services Provider Award at the 2018 biz4Biz Awards! Hurraah! #Winner Click To Tweet

Best Apprentice Category – Finalist!

Being a finalist in the Best Apprentice category of the Awards is also a massive achievement. We were in competition with some big companies who take on many apprentices every year – whereas we’re just a small company with only enough capacity to take on one at a time. However, according to biz4Biz, “Success is measured in the number of apprentices becoming a valued employee”, in which case, we can boast 100% success rate! We have been able to offer permanent jobs to all our apprentices after their training, and our first ever apprentice is now part of our senior management team.

In true Oscar-winner style (and I’ll try not to sob over-dramatically as I say this), I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Team Cariad for all their hard work, motivation and inspiration that have contributed to us being able to say that Cariad is an amazing, award-winning company.

Come and say hello at 3 Counties Expo

3 Counties Expo 2018This year, I’m taking Cariad on a mini road trip and will be at the 3 Counties Expo in Luton on 13 March.

Since setting up Cariad 9 years ago, I’ve been to many trade shows as both an exhibitor and a visitor, giving me a good understanding of why they’re so useful. Most importantly, we’re obviously hoping to attract new clients, in the same way that the show’s visitors will be looking for new suppliers. Coming together at an Expo, whilst exhausting, is a great way of seeing a lot of people in a very short space of time. From our point-of-view, it gives us the advantage of making a good first impression on potential new clients, giving them a much better idea of whether they’d like to work with us before they spend time researching our business.

It’s a bit like an informal speed dating event without the bell – when you’re walking around the stands, you can move on as quickly or slowly as you like. However, if you’re interested, there is an official speed dating session at 11am – at last year’s Expo more than 60 people took part so if you’re hoping to do the same this year, bring plenty of business cards.

Say hello to the Cariad Marketing team on our Stand at 3 Counties Expo 2018 - we'd love to meet you! Click To Tweet

Why you need to be there

Feedback from last year’s Expo was very positive – there were more than 300 visitors from business ranging from small start-ups to big companies. As a result this year’s is being run along the same lines, with networking sessions, free workshops and speed dating.

Debbie Gilbert is one of the event organisers and believes they’ve hit on a winning formula. “We’ve limited the type of businesses exhibiting to two per genre to ensure a diverse mix which is good for our visitors. We’ve also made sure there’s a broad range of activities to keep everyone busy. In fact, we’ve packed everything into a shorter time, with the main business ending at 1.30 and the lunchtime networking session ending at 3. This not only gives people a chance to get back to the office or pick up the kids from school, it also packs everything in – I’ve been to so many all day exhibitions where there’s a counter-productive mid-afternoon slump, so by basically restricting the activities into the morning (albeit a long one), there’s no chance of that happening with us!

“We think of it as a day of opportunity – every bit of business starts from small conversations, and events like the Expos are designed to give participants every opportunity to get them going.”

Why you need to come and say hello to Cariad

We decided to take a stand at 3 Counties Expo this year because we really liked last year’s energy. I’m sometimes accused of doing everything at 90 miles an hour, so the pace is going to suit me down to the ground!

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people as well as connecting with any current clients who’ll be there. Whilst we schedule in regular meetings and catch-up phone calls with our clients, it’s always good to see them in a more informal setting. We’re planning a lively activity, with prizes, so we’re hoping to bring out people’s fun and slightly competitive side.

So please come along and say hello to us on our Stand – we’d love to meet you!

If you’re planning to visit the Expo, click here to book your free place, and sign up for the breakfast and lunch networking events.

We’re a recommended digital marketing agency!

We’ve had some really great news recently – we’ve been awarded Recommended Status on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) for marketing agencies.

To achieve recommended status, a company must have a minimum of three ‘7 out of 10’ (or higher) ratings from clients who are asked to score agencies on seven key categories:

  • Client service
  • Creativity/innovation
  • Effectiveness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Value for money
  • On time
  • On budget

The only way to become a recommended agency is through clients who are willing to spend the time and make the effort to complete the RAR questionnaire.

So I’m incredibly grateful to all Cariad’s lovely clients who took the time and trouble to complete the online survey and write the testimonials and recommendations that have enabled us to achieve RAR status.

Cariad are RARing to go! Click To Tweet

The Register is an independent organisation run by The Drum, Europe’s biggest marketing news platform. It was set up to help you decide which agencies to shortlist for a marketing pitch. Instead of having to search for all the marketing companies in the area, then going through their websites one-by-one, you can do one simple search on the RAR which will return all the information you need to draw up a shortlist quickly and effectively.

In addition, it will highlight the recommended agencies which have already had excellent feedback from clients making your decision even easier.

With the ability to make well informed and confident choices, you are much more likely to end up with a shortlist of the most suitable agencies.

Recommended agency status lasts for 12 months. If an agency doesn’t get enough additional ratings and reviews that meet the minimum standards, it loses its recommended status.

This means you can always be sure that the quality of recommended agencies is up-to-date and relevant.

There are over 9,000 agencies from around the world are listed on the RAR, though only a small proportion of those are recommended agencies, which makes me even more proud of Cariad’s achievement.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of digital marketing, visit our website or give the team a ring on 01992 582824.

Create an awesome press release for your new website

So you’re launching your new website and want to get the message out. It makes sense to send a press release out because it’s big news – right? Wrong.

Whilst it is major news for your business, to a journalist it is rarely newsworthy or day I say, even interesting.

No-one wants to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy. Click To Tweet

So how do you get your article published?

As an update to our popular article ‘How to write a press release‘ here are three top tips for how to get published, shared and commented on ….

1. So what?

Use the ‘so what’ test as you write your press release. Thinking about things from a readers’ point of view, it will help you strengthen your press release and create newsworthy content.


Cariad Marketing has launched a new website.

So what?

The new website provides helpful marketing tips and advice for small business owners in Hertfordshire.

So what?

Their team of marketing experts are supplying their expertise for free within their blog, in order to help the wider small business community achieve success from their digital marketing efforts.

So what?

Feedback from St Albans based beauty salon The Natural Touch demonstrated the true value of actioning Cariad’s advice:

“Since Cariad Marketing encouraged me to blog regularly, traffic to my website has doubled and new customer enquiries have increased by 60%”

So what?

So, if you would like to increase traffic to your website and new business enquiries, why not take a read of Cariad’s latest article at or give them a call on 01992 582824.

A bit more compelling, eh?

Press release news!

2. Make your press release relevant

When writing your press release make sure you consider the readers of each publication and write your press release with them in mind.

Have a think about:

      • Why do they read the publication?
      • What do they have in common?
      • What will interest them about your company?
      • How would they benefit from visiting your new website?
      • Can you include a special discount code or promotional offer which is unique to the title?

The more relevant your press release – the more likely it is to get published.

3. Build relationships with journalists

Whether your new website launch heralds the start of your business or is a replacement for an outdated one, it makes sense to start building a relationship with your target publications.

Think about it. If you just randomly send in a press release to someone who has never heard of you or your business and hope that they will deem it newsworthy, isn’t it just leaving it to chance that your hard work will actually get published?

Why not call in advance. Find out who the right person is to speak to, introduce yourself and explain you are sending over a release. Once you have sent it, give it 24 hours and give them a call and make sure they received it okay and ask if they need any further information. Make yourself available for interview and offer a tour of your business.

Assuming your press release gets published, say thank you. A quick email or thank you card makes such a difference. Old school I know, but it makes you stand out from the crowd and shows true appreciation to the journalist who took the time to ensure your press release was included within their publication.

Bonus tip

Always remember the old adage ‘No-one wants to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy’. It is as true today as it ever was. So, make sure your press release helps, informs and interests readers. They’ll know where to go when they want to buy your product or service.

Learn how to thrive & survive in business

Supporting local businesses is something that’s not just for customers, it’s for other local businesses too. If your business thrives and survives, then so does mine. Research from across the pond found that buying goods and services from local companies meant more of the money generated stayed local. Only 13% of the money spent with the national chains was recirculated locally, as opposed to 48% of the money spent at local shops.

It’s therefore in the interests of all local business people to ensure their fellow entrepreneurs thrive and survive – there’s plenty of room for all of us to be successful, and the more successful we are, the better it is for Hertford!

That’s why I’m delighted to be part of the Hertford Entrepreneurs Committee (HEC), a group which has been set up by Hertford Town Council to encourage and support local entrepreneurs with networking, talks and awards, all of which are free of charge as a way of helping start ups and entrepreneurs learn more about business and make valuable contacts.


Thrive & Survive

The next presentation will take place on the evening of Wednesday 18 January when BBC Radio 2’s business guru Nick Brown will pass on his knowledge to help you thrive and survive in business. Nick is the author of Thrive & Survive in Business which is aimed at anyone wanting to give up their 9-5 and go it alone.

He’ll be giving practical advice for entrepreneurs on finance, marketing, innovation and people, but wants the evening to be interactive, so make sure you come armed with lots of questions relating to your own businesses.

If it sounds like Nick’s talk is for you, and you’d like to meet and network with other local entrepreneurs, register online at It’s a free event held outside normal working hours, so there’s no excuse not to come! The networking begins at 6, and Nick will begin his presentation at 7.


Hertford Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

The evening will also be used to launch the competition to find Hertford’s 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year. It’s a competition dear to my heart as I won it in 2015! I put the prize money towards funding an apprentice who is now a valued permanent member of staff, so I understand how useful an award like this can be. Details of how to enter next year’s award will be announced at the event, so if you’re interested, make sure you’re there.

See you on the 18th!

Blogging Tips: What every blogger can learn from Jack Bauer

Okay, so I’m behind the times on catching up on my box sets. I’ve loads of them in the cupboard. They’ve been out for ages. Everyone raved about them (hence I bought them) and they are now iconic, but I still haven’t found time to watch them.

So when recently I decided that the several hundred TV stations were not providing enough entertainment for me each evening, I asked my team which box set would be best to watch.

I wanted to be entertained; sustain reality and get knee-deep in a complex storyline which would capture my imagination.

#TeamCariad unanimously recommended 24 and as I own all eight series on DVD I thought it was as good a place to start as any.

To say I loved it is an understatement. What’s more it reminded me very much of how compelling content is created, be it for TV, web, radio, print and any other medium you care to mention.

Of particular relevance was how much the formula for this TV series could be harnessed for the good of bloggers.

So here you have it, our blogging tips or “What every blogger can learn from Jack Bauer and 24″…

By Source, Fair use, image from -

By Source, Fair use, image from –

Appraisal of facts

One thing I love about 24 is at the beginning of every episode there is a short round up of all of the most important factors in the series to date. Those who are regulars get reminded of where they are up to and the plot to date. But it also means that even you if you only ever viewed one episode you would have an idea what is going on and why. This is a win/win situation and makes the series accessible to an even wider audience.

Regulars are rewarded and newbies are included. Very clever.

When blogging, key tactics you can use to achieve the same effect are:

  • Creating links to previous blog articles which are important to read first (or in relation to the current blog)
  • Talk about your post on social media reminding of, and highlighting the most important facts
  • Feed relevant articles into the footer of your blog – if you liked this article, you may also like…
  • Make sure you couple all of the above with “immediate satisfaction” and you are sure to produce a successful article.


Avid 24 viewers will have been addicted to the breadcrumb trail of clues throughout the series which gave clues to where each strand of the storyline was heading.

So how do bloggers capture the breadcrumb effect in a single post? Well here’s the thing – don’t craft a single post. Have a content calendar of articles which dovetail together in themes so that the breadcrumbs you create link to the rest of your repertoire.


By Source, Fair use, image from -

By Source, Fair use, image from –

Within every episode there are links to the past, present and future. This engages viewers as they discuss and share ideas on where the storyline is heading, what each reference means to their favourite characters and provides a strong sense of belonging. That feeling that “I have watched this, understand the plot and feel excited to anticipate what may be coming next”.

This can be achieved in a blog with links to previous articles within your website, links to external articles you cite and your service/product pages. These links are not only a healthy part of the customer experience, they also play a vital role in SEO – so a double whammy in practical terms.

Immediate satisfaction

Within all content, be it a TV show, a chapter of a book or even an act in a play there should be a certain level of immediate satisfaction for the consumer – a quick fix if you like.

Every blog should stand up on its own merits and be useful, interesting and engaging in isolation. Use this article as an example. Has it given you some new ideas? Does it help you consider how to create your next blog? Having read it, do you feel it answers some of those nagging questions you’ve had about creating compelling content?

Yes? Then hopefully you are satisfied.

Satisfaction is one thing, but hopefully it will also leave you with an appetite to learn more. Perhaps the next step is to learn how to optimise your blog for organic search? Perhaps you’ll re-think what kind of content you are creating and produce some different types of blogs, vlogs or infographics and plan to pop back and read more tips another time?

Action packed

There is no debating that a series such as 24 is action packed. It’s fast moving, with strong purpose and it’s exciting to watch. Lord knows how in reality, Jack Bauer would be able to spend 24 non-stop action packed hours without food, comfort breaks or some kind of sleep.

So how does this translate to your blogging skills? Make sure there is some juicy ‘action-packed’ content provided by every blog you create. Content which is unique and developed for a specific buyer persona is best. Put yourself in your buyer personas’ shoes and create content which provides solutions to their business challenges or individual needs.

Let purpose and education be your action – and pack it into great articles.

Simple, right? Wrong…

Keep your audience hungry

Compelling content is something that is often talked about by digital marketing professionals, and is actually very hard to achieve. In 24 there is always a cliff-hanger at the end of every episode and every season. How do you achieve this with a simple blog? Here are some ideas….

  • Pick a big topic, relevant for your target market and break it up into bite-sized chunks over a set period of time
  • Provide a range of both evergreen (timeless) and tactical (current) content. This demonstrates to your audience that you are aware of the big picture challenges but are also current enough to be on top of the new

Bring ‘em back for more

Whilst I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have only ever watched one episode or perhaps one season of 24 – there is a huge demographic of those who were hooked and kept coming back for more (and more).

Here are a few tips on how to achieve this successfully with your blog content:-

  • Invite visitors to your website to sign-up for newsletters and blog updates (you’ll find out how to sign up for ours at the bottom of this article)
  • Include calls-to-action within each blog such as enquire now; post a comment (or ask a question); buy now etc. If they are hungry for more – make sure you are the business to satisfy their craving
  • Encourage and facilitate discussion on your posts on your social media channels
  • Run polls, questions and ask for input into your future blog posts via the blog itself and social media

Now, if those aren’t all the ingredients of a good blog, vlog or infographic – I don’t know what is?!

Of course many businesses create blogs but very few of them have the time or inclination to think about these (and many more) factors or indeed plan their content and theme their campaigns.

If that sounds like you, and you’d like some help with your content marketing then get in touch for a chat with the team.

If you’ve got a quick question on blogging, then please comment below 🙂

Buyer Personas – Marketing for the small business

For years marketers have talked about target markets. Who is your target market, where is it based, what is their socio-economic class, what is its SIC code? – sound familiar?

Whilst at a helicopter view level this is still valid, today’s modern marketer is much more concerned with buyer personas.

Why so? We live in an age where the most effective marketing is customer-centric.

Every customer has a plethora of choices about the information they digest such as the blogs they read, the websites they visit, the social media channels they communicate on, the TV shows they watch (and on which device) etc etc etc.

As marketers we can no longer afford to club huge swaths of individuals together into target markets and hope we can target them based on a predicted behaviours.

We need to create campaigns and provide information that suits individuals in the format they want, on their preferred platforms, based on keywords they use. We can only do this if we understand at a more granular level who they really are.

The Marketing gurus at Hubspot have created a whole new way of looking at how you target your marketing as part of their Inbound Marketing Certification program which is as relevant to a small business owner as it is to a large Corporate.

What is a buyer persona?

Put simply, it is a fully scoped profile of your ideal customer based on real data and some educated speculation on customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals.

Every strand of your marketing activity should be designed to attract, engage and educate these people – persona by persona.

Whether you are BtoB or BtoC, even the smallest of businesses will have many different personas to market to. Each with different needs, challenges, barriers to purchase and therefore ways in which to best attract them.

What do I need to know to create a buyer persona

Your Marketing and Sales teams will need to work together to conduct this research. At Cariad Marketing, we have found the easiest way is by profiling our very best customers (the ones we want more of) and modelling our personas from there.

Need to know stuff, who they are…

  • What sex are they?
  • What age are they?
  • What level of disposable income do they have?
  • Which industry do they work in?
  • Where do they live and/or work?
  • What is their job title?
  • What are they working to accomplish?
  • What is their greatest business challenge or pain-point?
  • What are their fears or objections to considering change?
  • What social media do they use?
  • How do they like to keep in touch (phone, email, website, blog, newsletter, face to face, Skype etc)
  • Then you’ll need to have a think about how your business can help!

The practical bit

Whilst you can use any type of document you want to create your buyer personas, we’ve found that creating a spreadsheet gives you a birds-eye view of all personas collectively, plus it helps you to distinguish and understand the core differentials between them.

In larger organisations where you have both a Sales and a Marketing team, a good tip for bringing your personas to life is to create graphical representations of each persona, accessible to all team members.

Give them a memorable name and add as much detail as you can to ensure everyone understands who they are, and what they ‘look like’.

We have produced life-size cut-outs for one client, who wanted everyone within their sales and marketing teams to really understand who it is that they want to do business with.

Suffice to say, sales to the buyer personas have risen!

Recognising your buyer personas wherever you are

If your buyer persona is detailed enough – the individuals you seek will become easy to spot both online and offline for example when you are out networking.

So, not only do buyer personas ensure your digital marketing attracts the correct people, you can also use them to fine-tune your networking strategy ensuring that you only attend events and awards evenings where you will meet them.

Creating buyer personas is just one aspect of how the Cariad team works with businesses in Hertfordshire to achieve their marketing objectives through inbound marketing. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

Hashtag Your Way Through The Week

Whether it’s a Monday or a Thursday and you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you can hashtag your way through the week to keep your social media account fresh, relevant and engaging by jumping on the trends that relevant people are talking about.

A hashtag is essentially a way for social media users to connect their social media post to a relevant conversation. By placing a ‘#’ in front of the word that is trending, a user connects their post to that conversation. By clicking on the hashtag a user can also view all the conversations taking place which include a specific hashtag, in real time.

Hashtags can be used on a whole host of topics and are commonly used to talk about breaking news based on events e.g. #Oscars but did you know that there’s now multiple hashtags for every day of the week? If you use a hashtag in your social media post anyone following that hashtag can view it, they don’t have to be following you.

Whether you’re looking for a motivational pick-me-up on a Monday or wanting to chat with wedding suppliers on a Wednesday take a look at our top tips on how you can hashtag your way through the week.


Hashtag your way through the week starting with #MotivationMonday

Hashtag your way through the week

Monday Hashtags

  • #MondayMotivation share or read a pick-me-up to get you back into the working week …
  • #MondayBlues … or sympathise with people over how horrible Mondays are
  • #MCM or #ManCrushMonday does what is says on the tin, go on, share a photo of your celebrity man crush

Tuesday Hashtags

  • #TravelTuesday hashtag fun, exciting and/or unusual destinations. Ideal if your brand has a connection with the travel industry
  • #TransformationTuesday if you have a before and after image you can show, this hashtag is ideal for demonstrating how something has been progressed over time. This could be anything from a weight loss programme to a kitchen installation
  • #CharityTuesday are you a charity or are you raising funds for a charity? Talk about it using the hashtag to drive awareness and support

Wednesday Hashtags

  • #WeddingWednesday getting married and need a spot of inspiration or are you a wedding supplier that wants to talk to other suppliers or brides-to-be? This is the hashtag to use
  • #WineWednesday if you’re a keen fan of the grape based drink share your love, knowledge and top tips
  • #WellnessWednesday mainly used for health and fitness brands and advocates, join the conversation to help get your body and mind into tip top shape
  • #HumpDay it’s the middle of the week, use this hashtag to share your difficulties of the week or help motivate others to get to the weekend

Thursday Hashtags

  • #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday a popular hashtag for reminiscing the good times, use this hashtag to share photos and thoughts of events in the past
  • #ThankfulThursday everyone’s got something to be thankful for, what’s yours?

Look back on the good times every Thursday with #ThrowbackThursday

Friday Hashtags

  • #FF or #FollowFriday follow some great people on social media that you think your followers will enjoy following too? Let them know their social media handles using this hashtag
  • #FridayFunday it’s almost the weekend and if you’re team are up to a bit of Friday fun in the office, share your photos
  • #FridayNight as you ease yourself into the weekend share your plans for the night ahead or get inspiration from others

Saturday Hashtags

  • #Caturday granted if you’re a dog lover this might not be the hashtag for you. However if you’re a big fan of our feline friends you’ll want to use this hashtag to share cute, funny and cuddly images of your favourites
  • #SocialSaturday probably the most used social hashtag of them all, use it to share fun and engaging content
  • #SaturdaySwag want to show off a look or are you a fashion brand with new products in? Share them using the hashtag

Sunday Hashtags

  • #SS or #SelfieSunday ok so selfies are a phenomenon in themselves on social media but if you need another excuse to post one #SelfieSunday is your hashtag
  • #SundayFunday same as #FridayFunday  – are you resting on the day of rest or are you up to something fun? Share it

Need some help jumping on the hashtag bandwagon? Give Cariad Marketing’s Social Media team a call on 01992 582824 or fill out our quick contact form to see how we can help build a social marketing strategy around the right hashtags for your business.

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