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Meet the Team Blog Post

Name:                  Lesley Willies

Role:                     Copywriter

When did you join Cariad Marketing?   October 2014

What do you enjoy most about your role?  Having worked as a freelance journalist/copywriter for many years I love being part of a team.  The enthusiasm, dedication and motivation of my fellow colleagues is infectious. (And I do enjoy a good chat!)

What’s your proudest achievement to date at Cariad Marketing? Helping the company and individual colleagues achieve the recognition they deserve by entering them in to a variety of local and national business awards.  Writing the entries is a constant reminder of what a great company Cariad is.

Where do you see the future of digital marketing going for brands? Well I’m going to say it’s all about great content aren’t I?! Informative, relevant and concise copy is always going to be important. It doesn’t matter how amazing your marketing is – if your audience doesn’t understand what you are offering it’s all a bit pointless.

And finally … where’s your favourite place to lunch in Hertford? I love Loch Fyne. The food is delicious and because it’s fish I can convince myself I’m being healthy and thereby justify a dessert!

Cariad’s Justine in final of national awards


A new week, a new piece of award news for Cariad Marketing as we’ve learned our MD, Justine Perry has reached the finals of a prestigious national awards ceremony.

Justine Marketing is one of four finalists to have been shortlisted for the Entrepreneur of the Year category at the FDM everywoman in technology awards.

Everywoman Award

2015 FDM everywoman in Technology Award finalist


The awards are designed to celebrate and inspire women in technology and the judges, made up of leading figures from across the industry, look at a number of criteria including career success, potential for future achievements and support for women in the industry.

Cariad Marketing was set up around Justine’s kitchen table in 2009, providing bespoke internet marketing services including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, online marketing campaigns and web design.

To reach the final Justine had to go through a rigorous interview process. She was up against stiff competition including senior IT personnel from household name companies. “I am genuinely delighted and thrilled to have made it to the final of such a prestigious event,” said Justine. “Our growth in just five years has been incredible and I couldn’t have done it without my dedicated and professional team who are all as passionate about Cariad as I am.”

Cariad Marketing works mainly with Hertfordshire-based businesses and prides itself on its outstanding customer service and the strong working relationships it develops with clients.

Maxine Benson MBE, co-founder of everywoman, which champions women in business, said: “Since launching five years ago, these awards have uncovered dozens of role models that will inspire future tech stars. This year’s finalists are all exceptional in their achievements, driving change across international organisations and creating innovative companies with the potential to become global brands.”

The British tech industry is predicted to be worth £221bn by 2016 and by 2022 it is estimated that the UK will need 1.82 million new engineering, science and technology professionals. Yet despite this, only one in 20 IT job applicants is female.  The FDM everywoman in Technology awards are considered to be the UK’s leading event celebrating women in technology.  The final takes place at a glittering ceremony at the London Hilton on Park Lane on Tuesday March 17.

To blog or not to blog?

blogFrom a business perspective the only thing worse than not blogging is having a blog and not blogging!

The blog page is an incredibly important part of your website; it enables you to keep your clients and potential clients up to date with developments in your industry, new products, news about your business and anything at all that you think may be of interest. It should be topical, voice opinions, share useful links and offer advice and help. Most importantly though it should be updated regularly. If a blog page is not updated frequently it can look as though you are not proactive and current; not a good image for any business to portray.

Content is everything

A blog page of course is also an excellent way to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). That said, it should never simply be a list of key words strung together.  Search engines are far more sophisticated these days and relevant, informative content is going to do far more for your rankings than simply cramming in as many keywords as humanly possible.

An interesting, informative article will bring extra visitors to your site and may also get reposted on social media creating valuable links to your website.  This was demonstrated by Cariad client, Great War Tours which featured an excellent blog on the poppy installation at the Tower of London. Being so current the blog received a lot of visitors many of whom forwarded it to others. Historian Debbie Coupland used the blog not to add to the many column inches already written about the poppies but to educate readers about the often overlooked sacrifice of the men of the merchant and fishing fleets.

 Make it personal

Bear in mind that a blog should not be regarded simply as a tool for SEO; it is worth so much more to your business than that. A well written blog enables you to reflect the personality of your business and to communicate what you do. It also enables you to position yourself as an authority on topics related to your business. This garners trust amongst your readers who will see you and your colleagues as experts in your industry and therefore a company they could trust and would be happy to do business with.

A blog is also a great way to get the whole team on board. Not only does it reduce the burden on one person having to write all the copy but it is also a great morale booster to ask colleagues to contribute their views and opinions to the company website.

So, in summary, yes a blog is an important marketing tool but only if it’s informative, current and above all updated regularly!

The online value of copywriting skills

It cannot be stressed how important good copy is for your digital marketing campaigns. Gone are the days when stringing a few keywords together would impress the search engines and whizz your website up the rankings. Nowadays the focus is on “content marketing” and to be found by the search engines you need relevant, interesting and targeted copy.

copywriterWrite for humans not the search engine crawlers

You should therefore always write for your target market, never for the search engines. This means ensuring you reflect the personality of your company in any copy and making sure it is relevant and interesting. You need to grab the reader; how many times have you started reading an article that you thought you weren’t remotely interested in only to read on because it was so well written? You probably didn’t even realise it was well written but the fact you got to the end definitely suggests it was!

Advise, don’t advertise

There is no magic formula for well written copy; everybody expresses themselves differently. The most important thing is that it reflects your business, is engaging, informative and grammatically correct! Blatant advertising in blogs and newsletters is not recommended; instead tell your readers about news stories that relate to your business or any tips or advice you can offer, again relating to your company or the business niche within which your clients are operating. Not only does regularly updating your website with interesting blogs ensure it is seen by Google to be kept fresh and up-to-date, but shared via email or social media marketing tools you can also drive more visits to your website which will also score you more Google ranking rewards!

So, well written copy really is a win, win situation for everyone; your marketing material is high quality, your clients are well informed and most importantly your rankings should sail up the search engines!

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