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New Reactions on Facebook – do you love them or hate them?

When a like on a post just isn’t specific enough anymore…

For those of you who haven’t noticed the new feature yet, Facebook has now added a range of 6 reactions to choose from when scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Facebook Reactions

How do I use Facebook Reactions?

All you have to do is hover over the like button on desktop or hold down the like button on mobile and you will be presented with a range of new emoticons to express how you feel about the post you have seen. The top three reactions each post has received will then show up underneath – clicking on them will allow you to see the breakdown of the total of each reaction.

You can now choose between like, love, haha, wow, sad or angry.

No more trouble with liking a sad post from a friend and wondering if it would be taken the wrong way or writing another lol in the comments.

Why did they chose these reactions?

Global research and surveys have been carried out to determine what type of reactions people would like to see implemented most and which types of emoticons are already being used most frequently.

Are you happy with the ones that were decided on or would you have added something else instead?

What does this mean for my Facebook news feed?

Some Facebook users would have expected that expressing their dislike to a post using the angry or sad reactions would then lead to them being filtered out from their view more and that ‘loving’ or ‘hahaing’ a post would encourage them to be shown. This is not the case however.

Each different reaction is treated in the same way and still counts as an interaction with the post. This means if you say you are sad or angry about a post it will still count as an engagement which will then feed into Facebook’s algorithms and therefore be more likely to be shown to other Facebook users. The site has however confirmed that this is something that they will be looking into in the future.

What does this mean for Facebook Advertising?

Unfortunately for Marketers the reactions cannot be used to our advantage and help us to target people specifically – yet.

We are hoping for additional functionality to be added to allow us to target people who have reacted with a love reaction to a cupcake with adverts for a local baker, or users who have reacted with an angry reaction to a bad hair day post with an advert for a local Hairdressers. Although this isn’t available yet we at Cariad Marketing are hoping that Facebook adds this functionality in the near future.

Watch this space…

Google Analytics – Why is it important?

You might invest a lot of money creating a brand spanking new website and hours of your time making sure that the content is quality but what is the point if you don’t know if anyone is actually seeing any of your hard work?

Within your marketing strategy you will more than likely be splitting your budget between paid advertising, SEO, social and direct marketing – but how do you know what really works best for your business?

Maybe you are spending too much time and money on Adwords but not enough on your email campaign, or maybe social works extremely well for you but you are not utilising it to its full potential.

Google Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to measure and analyse all of your website visitors and find out exactly where they came from!?

I think by now you must know where I am going with this…

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for any business with a website, it can allow you to see:

  • Which strand of your marketing strategy they came from
  • How they found your website
  • How long they spend on your website
  • What keywords were used for them to find your website
  • How long they spent on your website
  • Which page they landed & exited on
  • Which paths they take once on your website
  • Which images and buttons perform better than others
  • Where geographically your visitors are coming from
  • Which browser they are using
  • Which device they are using

And the list goes on… basically anything other than what they had for breakfast that day! Clever isn’t it!?

We at Cariad Marketing love Google Analytics and use it on every one of our accounts here. In fact I love it so much I recently took the Google Analytics Exams in order to brush up on my knowledge of the tool and learn how to really make the most of it for each of our client’s individual needs.

It really helps you to find out exactly how your website is performing and what you should be improving on in order to meet your marketing objectives. You can set up and monitor specific goals and benchmarks to ensure that you are meeting your personal and overall key targets.

If you would like to find out more about how Cariad Marketing can help your business using Google Analytics, get in touch today for a chat, or better still pop by for a cuppa and a cookie! 🙂

Meet the team : Sophie Marston

Name: Sophie Marston

Role: SEO Account Assistant

When did you join Cariad Marketing? 4th August 2014

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love seeing the positive results in our client’s reports due to the work we are doing and seeing the effect that good results can have on their business as a whole. I also enjoy the wide variety of the accounts that we work on each day meaning no two days are the same.

Where do you see the future of digital marketing going for brands?

At Cariad Marketing we believe that Content is King – high quality, interesting and valuable content will win over any tricks of the trade. Thanks to Google’s continuous Penguin and Panda releases this will be the year for this to come into play even more so.

I also believe that 2015 will finally be the year for mobile marketing to dominate.  We highly recommend building your websites responsively to give you the edge over your competitors and ensure you do not fall behind.

And finally … where’s your favourite place to lunch in Hertford?

It has to be The Duncombe Pub – yummy food, friendly service and lovely in the garden in the summer.

Have a question for Sophie on SEO?  Call her on 01992 582824.

Tips to get more followers on Twitter

With an average of 6000 tweets being sent per second, which adds up to a whopping 500 million per day you may be left wondering how to stand out from the crowd with your tweets. Every twitter user would like to gain more followers, even more so when it is a business page that you are promoting. Here are some easy tips to help you increase your audience and widen your reach when posting on your Twitter page.

1) Don’t be boring!

The first and most natural way to gain more followers is simply to tweet interesting things. You must use your 140 characters wisely in order to engage your current followers and attract new ones. Use hashtags to target specific keywords and ask questions to encourage a response.

For a better chance of getting retweets try posting something clever, funny or current – you are much more likely to gain retweets from a joke about Christmas than you are about a promotion you have already tweeted about several times. Although some of the audience you will reach this way may not be 100% relevant to your industry, it will get your brand name out there and gain awareness.

 2) Use your current contactsTwitter Followers

Every company has a current list of contacts and a network of friends that could get you past that 50 followers mark in the beginning of your social media journey. However they need to know you are there before they can begin to engage with you! If you have a blog on your website that is the perfect place to begin, simply add the social sharing widgets on to the bottom of the page to make it extra easy for your readers to click.

To extend your reach even further try swapping guest blog posts with a contact in your industry. Another idea is to add the widgets to your email signatures, think about how many emails your company sends out a day – you could be getting this many more followers!

 3) Be Human

One of the best ways to lose followers is by posting automatic, repetitive computerised tweets from an app or tweet generator. Although these tools may save you time you still need to make them personalised and relevant to your audience.

The clue is in the name, you need to be social on social media. Wish people happy birthday and congratulate them on successes, reply to questions in your industry and return the favour and make sure you follow people back!

 4) Why should they follow you?

It’s always good to have the social media icons on show where your customers can see them or in advertisements to show that you are social and active online, but how many followers will this actually get you? People will want to know what it is they will get if they do make the effort to find you on Twitter and hit the follow button.

Do you offer one off daily deals, hints and tips in your industry or online competitions? If so shout about it! Give people an incentive and the new followers will start to roll in.


If you would like some more help with your Twitter presence or Social Media in general take a look at our Twitter or Linked in Training.  Alternatively if technology really isn’t your thing you don’t need to worry, you can outsource your social media completely with Cariad Marketing Social Media Packages. Contact us today for more information.


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