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21 things to do when there is a BT broadband outage

Today’s BT broadband outage affected Hertford this afternoon, so our digital marketing team all got together and made a list of what to do…

  • Write a blog!
  • Put the kettle on
  • Walk across the office to speak to a colleague instead of emailing
  • Practise origami skills
  • Do your filing
  • Draft your emails
  • Go for a walking meeting
  • Phone instead of email
  • Empty the bin
  • Do the shredding
  • Catch up on the photocopying
  • Use external hard drive to share info
  • Delete unwanted emails
  • File your emails
  • Make a Vlog
  • Draft a job description (okay, that’ll only be Justine then!)
  • Do your homework
  • Read a book
  • Water your desk plants
  • Organise your desktop icons
  • Prepare for tomorrow…. there will be a torrent of emails waiting for you!

So there you have it. If there is a power outage by BT or any other internet provider, you’ll have plenty to do next time!