Website Usability Testing

Get the most out of your online presence by maximising conversions.

It can be really hard to look at your website from the perspective of a customer. When you live and breathe your business, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to look at a website for the very first time, without any prior knowledge and experience.

Usability testing is best performed by someone outside the business who can look at the website in the same way that your customers do. A fresh pair of eyes can spot the areas of the website that your customers might struggle with.

Usability testing has many advantages:

– You can be sure that your customers can easily and quickly make their purchase – great for your conversion rate
– A smoothe and enjoyable customer experience turns your first-time clients into return customers.
– A clear and clean information architecture can help improve your search engine ranking
– You could save money on support and helplines.

Cariad’s usability testing service will get down to the detail of your website. It examines the icons, naming conventions, task completion, calls to action, design and layout – looking for areas that restrict conversion and could cause your clients to go elsewhere.

Usability reviews

A usability review is a quicker option to the usability testing. We perform an expert review on your website, identifying areas where clients may not understand what is expected of them, and where they may struggle to complete their tasks.

Usability testing

Nothing beats getting real customers to try out your website. So even if you opt for the usability review, we urge you to test the website on at least a couple of your potential customers.

This allows us to test our assumptions on real people and helps identify additional problems on the website. There is no-one better placed to provide feedback on your website than your customers. The results of our testing are always surprising and revealing and you get a lot more than usability – the participants will often make additional suggestions on new products and services, and give you ideas on where you can make improvements.

We recommend taking the website through several separate rounds of testing, recruiting a small number of participants for each round. This enables you to fix major problems once they have been identified – these problems may be masking smaller, but equally important issues.

In both cases you will receive a detailed report on the testing, with concrete recommendations for improvements.

To find out how Cariad Marketing can make your website a more enjoyable experience for your customers, please contact us.

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