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So what exactly is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a great way to communicate with customers – both existing and potential. By sending relevant and informative marketing or service-based messages Email Marketing campaigns are an incredibly effective way of building and maintaining a loyal customer base. Managed professionally, an Email Marketing campaign can be used to target new customers, engage with existing customers and reignite lapsed customers. Using the services of an Email Marketing agency will ensure your strategy ties in with your overall digital marketing objectives by identifying key customer groups, email messages and timings.

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The Email Marketing process

It’s important to know what you want from your Email Marketing campaign. To this end Cariad Marketing will help you map out your customers’ journey and your overall goals to create a clearly defined campaign. As part of our Email Marketing services we create an html and text template to build your emails, write the copy and add optimised images where appropriate. Tracking the success of your campaign is vital and an Email Service Provider will enable you to do just that.

Why does your business need Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a really effective way to build engagement with your customer database and drive long term retention. The shelf life of email marketing is much greater than on social media and allows you to be more targeted with your data and your messages.

What does good Email Marketing look like?

  • Defined email strategy
  • Email permissions
  • Html and text versions
  • Intelligent email service provider
  • Responsive emails
  • Personalisation
  • Relevant messages
  • Agile creative
  • Balance of text and images
  • Dynamic content
  • Include Call to Actions
  • Tracked links for reporting
  • Manage unsubscribes
  • Manage bounces
  • A/B Testing
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Can’t I do it myself? Do I really need an Email Marketing Agency?

There are a number of free email marketing services that offer a standard email template to send to a set number of email addresses. BUT there are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to emailing existing and potential customers – not to mention technical and legal aspects. What’s more many email service providers’ standard templates are very basic and may not be suitable for your business objectives. An Email Marketing agency can guide you through this minefield, provide a professional Email Marketing design service and deliver outstanding results.

How can an Email Marketing Agency like Cariad Marketing help my business?

Based on your business objectives we’ll create a bespoke, fixed-price Email Marketing package. Our team of experts will provide a professional Email Marketing design service including creating your email templates, setting up the content, managing your email database, sending your email marketing campaigns and reporting on the results, leaving you free to focus on your own areas of expertise.

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