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Understanding the Google Penalty Recovery Service

A Google penalty can be explained as a negative impact on a website’s rankings and traffic based on manual actions and algorithm updates.  A manual penalty takes place when a member of the Google Web Spam team manually reviews a website and determines there has been a breach of set guidelines. While an algorithmic penalty occurs when a website skips safeguard integrated into Google’s algorithm.

The manipulative techniques that can attract the wrath of Google are either on-site or off-site. On-site methods comprise of the website’s technical architecture and content quality. Old tricks such as SEO keyword stuffing and duplicating content that provides little value to users can lead to an on-site based penalty. To curb this, the Panda algorithm was released and is updated on a monthly basis. Off-site involves manipulating the number of links pointing to a webpage with tactics such as buying links from other websites, excessive reciprocal links and links from websites in a different language. The Google Penguin algorithm penalises websites that are over optimising via unnatural link building techniques.

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Signs that your website requires a Google Penalty Fix…

There are certain signs that your website may have been penalised and will require a Google Penalty Recovery Fix. These signs are for a manual or algorithmic penalty:

  • Manual action warnings from Google on the search console
  • After every possible reason is ruled out, a drop in website’s traffic that coincides with an algorithm update
  • A significant drop in the rankings of key terms
  • Loss of search position to competitors for branded queries
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Ok, so why is fixing a Google Penalty important?

If your website has a Google Penalty chances are you will see a rapid decline of traffic coming through to your website. Google will have flagged that this is a naughty website and as such will penalise your rankings in search engine results. If you want to get your website back up there in the rankings without paying for pay-per-click (PPC) ads then fixing it should be a top priority for your business.


The Google Penalty Removal Process

The Google Penalty Removal Process is one that requires careful planning and execution.

Step One: It is important that the type and cause of the penalty are established. For manual actions, Google clearly states the reasons for a penalty on the website’s search console. In terms of algorithm penalty, it is best to correlate the time period when traffic was lost with a Google update.

Step Two: Conduct a complete link and content analysis. It is important to check the source of all your external links for low-quality ones.

Step Three: Some of the ways of identifying bad or low-quality backlinks are those that point to your side from unrelated websites or those with thin contents or spammy blog comments.

Step Four: Send a request of removal to the website owner or web administrator. This should be polite and properly documented.

Step Five: It is important to disavow the remaining bad or poor quality links. Some webmasters will ignore your request for the removal of a back link. It is important all communication is saved and bad links remaining uploaded to Google’s search console for reconsideration and an all-clear.

Step Six: Finally have a cuppa and wait for the outcome. It can take a few weeks for Google to process the penalty removal request.

How would a website that has successfully removed Google penalty look like?

  • Increase on the ranking and traffic from branded terms (company related keyword)
  • Improved page ranking and traffic for page-specific penalty issues
  • Restoration of the number of indexed pages that were affected by the penalty


Can I fix a Google Penalty myself?

We would always recommend using an expert who has experience of fixing Google penalties previously, especially in circumstances where time is of the essence. The process can be complicated (at the best of times!) and time consuming, taking anything from one to six months. The biggest importance is in ensuring any long term damage to your website is rectified, and swiftly to get your site back up in search engine rankings.

How can Cariad Marketing help with a Google Penalty Recovery Service?

You can purchase a Google Penalty Fix package from us at a set price with the reassurance that you will have a team of SEO experts working on your website until we can clean as many negative links as possible and then work with Google to remove your penalty. The process can vary depending on your situation.

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