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So what exactly is Google AdWords PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC as it’s more commonly referred to, is a form of advertising whereby you pay a fee every time your ad is clicked. You are therefore basically buying visits to your website rather than attracting them organically as you would do with search engine optimisation (SEO). With Google AdWords PPC you effectively pay for your website links to appear in Google’s top rankings giving your website greater visibility thereby hopefully generating a higher volume of traffic. With over 80% of online searches taking place on Google, effective Google AdWords management can be a worthwhile investment.

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The Google AdWords PPC Process

The most important aspect of starting any PPC campaign is knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve. It’s therefore really important to establish your business objectives and ROI goals in order to build and manage an effective PPC strategy. Having done this our PPC experts will set up your Google AdWords account to help you get started. As part of our Google AdWords management we’ll then create targeted PPC campaigns using relevant keywords to optimise the click through rates to your website. Obviously it’s important that when potential customers click through, your website landing pages are of a high quality. Our PPC management therefore includes checking these before launching your campaign and keeping an eye on them to check they are fully optimised at all times. Finally, as part of our PPC services we’ll send you a monthly report detailing exactly how well your campaign is performing.

Why does your business need Google AdWords PPC?

PPC is an incredibly effective way of driving a high volume of quality traffic to your website in a defined time frame. That said we would never advocate only using PPC; it should always form part of your overall digital marketing strategy. We’d always recommend search engine optimisation (SEO) as your long term search engine ranking strategy with additional activities such as email marketing and social media used to enhance online awareness and drive traffic. That said PPC is one of the most targeted forms of online marketing available and is great for driving a reliable flow of traffic to your website particularly when your ads are targeting a specific product, customer or event. It’s also great for increasing your ranking for particular keywords especially if you are struggling to achieve a good ranking for them with SEO.

What does a good Google AdWords PPC campaign look like?

  • A defined strategy
  • Optimised for time of day for best performance
  • Clearly defined keywords and relevant match types
  • Clearly defined negative keywords
  • Effective Google AdWords management
  • A realistic budget
  • Geographical targeting as appropriate
  • Engaging ad content
  • Clearly defined audiences
  • Conversion tracking and optimisation
  • Competitor research
  • Use of ad extensions
  • Consideration of both search and display networks
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation
  • Monthly reporting
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Can’t I do it myself? Do I really need a Google AdWords PPC agency?

The short answer to this is yes. If you have a website, you can set up a Google AdWords account and launch a PPC campaign. Yet setting up a campaign is one thing – setting up a campaign that actually works is quite another. There are so many variables in the set up process relating to keywords, optimising ad copy for click-through rates, targeting factors, ensuring your landing pages have high quality content, setting your bidding structure correctly and ongoing optimisation of your ads, that without proper PPC management it’s very easy to spend your budget with little or no return. With effective Google AdWords management your campaign can be set up and optimised on an on-going basis ensuring that your bidding structure is built against ROIs and performance is monitored on a daily basis.

How can a Google AdWords PPC agency like Cariad Marketing help my business?

Based on your business objectives and ROI we will create a bespoke, fixed-price Google AdWords PPC campaign that we will set up and manage for you. (Actual spend on the ads is paid directly by you to Google.)  As a certified Google AdWords Partner, Cariad Marketing has a team of experts at your disposal who provide a complete range of PPC services including optimising your campaigns, improving landing pages, creating engaging copy and monitoring performance on a daily basis leaving you free to concentrate on your own areas of expertise.

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