The importance of Responsive Web Design considering the popularity of mobile Social Media

The importance of Responsive Web Design considering the popularity of mobile Social Media
18 Jul 2013

As you know, social media is a big part of a lot of people’s lives and most people stay connected via their mobile devices whilst on the go. The main Social Media sites are Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook. On average, Facebook’s 31 million UK users spend about half an hour a day on Facebook and check it about 14 times with their smartphones. That means that Facebook gets accessed 434 million times a day via UK smartphones.

With so many people using social media sites via mobile devices it is becoming a necessity to have a Responsive Website. Say for example someone is checking their twitter feed and come across a link to your website. If they are interested they may click on the link which will open your website in their mobile browser. This is your opportunity to shine and impress your customers with a carefully constructed, mobile friendly, Responsive website. People should be able to effortlessly navigate around your website without constantly resizing, scrolling and panning. It makes browsing flow so much more smoothly, pleasing the customer and giving them confidence in your services.


James Koussertari

Creative Manager James has been designing websites for Cariad almost from the word ‘go’. When he’s not in front of a computer, you might find him out for a run or relaxing by a fishing lake.

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