10 Signs You Need Professional SEO Services for Your Business

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Signs You Need Professional SEO Services for Your Business

With the majority of businesses operating online today, it’s important to know how to optimise your website to increase your visibility and searchability to search engines. This practice is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). So how do you know when you should seek out professional SEO services?

10 Signs Your Company Needs Professional SEO Services

1. You’re unable to find yourself on Google

Have you found yourself asking ‘why is my website not showing up on a Google search?’ It should be a top priority, for any business, to appear on Google – preferably on page one of the results. In today’s digital world, if you don’t appear on Google it’s very unlikely people will recognise you or even know that you exist. By implementing a successful SEO strategy, you’ll no longer have to ask yourself this question.

2. Your website isn’t getting much traffic

If you’ve started to notice your website is getting fewer visitors, or you’re unsure how to increase traffic to your website through SEO, this could be a sign that you need professional SEO services. SEO is an organic way of marketing and works towards improving a website’s overall visibility and searchability. This means, that when the correct methods of SEO are applied, you should begin to rank higher on organic search which will in turn increase your visibility.

The majority of people only look at the first page of search results. Therefore, as an online business, it’s in your best interests to appear on that first page to secure more traffic to your website. Speak to a professional SEO consultant to discover how to get your website on Google’s all-important first page.

3. Your website traffic isn’t converting

You may be in the position that you have a great influx of website traffic, but you’re not converting those visitors once they get onto your website. Conversions are the ultimate goal for any business operating online and can be anything from filling out a contact form to making a purchase. Little to no conversions indicate something isn’t working on your website or your SEO marketing strategy.

Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to help you improve your conversion rates. It can be an overwhelming process for someone with minimal experience in SEO and so consulting with a professional SEO expert can alleviate potential stress or mistakes, as well as giving you a fresh pair of eyes which could spot any issues that you may have overlooked. An experienced SEO agency will provide you with diagnosis on potential conversion issues within your website. It’s a long term strategy that can result in obtaining better sales and revenue.

4. Your competitors are ranking higher than you

Seeing your competitors ranking higher than you on search engines can be incredibly frustrating. If this is the case for you, it could be a good indicator that you need help from a trusted SEO agency. The SEO experts are able to perform a competitor analysis to investigate and reveal what it is that your competitors are doing in order to successfully rank higher than you.

By conducting this assessment, they can provide some deeper insights into how you can improve on, for example, your own site’s content and user experience. This information can be instrumental in gaining an edge over your competitors.

5. You have no content marketing strategy (or the strategy isn’t producing successful results)

A content marketing strategy should be integral to your business when you’re looking at how to perform best online. Organic search is easily one of the best ways to ensure you’re ranking highly as well as driving traffic to your website, which will lead to a higher volume of conversions.

If your website is lacking in any valuable, keyword-rich content that successfully matches your visitors’ searches, a professional SEO agency can help you with your strategy. They will have access to experienced copywriters who can produce high-quality content for you, along with an SEO specialist to optimise the blogs for search engines such as Google.

6. You don’t know what keywords to use

Your content marketing and SEO strategy should include keyword research to ascertain which keywords and search terms relate to you and your business.

For example, if you’re an online jewellery retailer based in the UK, you will most likely relate to keywords such as ‘jewellery business online’ and ‘online jewellery business UK’. An SEO agency will do this research for you as part of their professional SEO services. These keywords should then be used within your content across your website, including landing pages and in blogs. This is so that when a customer searches for short phrases that include your keywords, Google will recognise that your content relates to those specific phrases and therefore rank you higher in the organic search results.

7. You’re spending money without seeing results

It can ring alarm bells for any business owner to a high amount of spending going out with little positive results coming back in. But when done effectively, SEO is considered very cost-effective with high potential rewards. A long-term SEO strategy can actively help in your business growth, with little risk involved.

However, it is important to note that for the best SEO results, having an experienced SEO specialist by your side can save a lot by skipping the ‘trial and error phase’ that inevitably comes with learning a new skill, and get you closer to those desirable results with speed and confidence.

8. You want to understand your buyer’s journey

SEO Analytics tools are an SEO specialist’s best friend. With them, they’re able to see the entire journey of every visitor that comes through your website, from start to finish. This includes how they discovered/entered your site, which pages they visited whilst they were there, how long they spent on each page, and finally the point at which they left your site. In an ideal world, they would have left your site after completing a conversion, so the last page would have been a ‘thank you for your order’ page!

If a lot of customers are getting to a particular page and quickly leaving your website, this is a good indicator that this page isn’t user friendly or isn’t offering the required information. In which case, further SEO work is needed. With the right analytics data, you can work on perfecting your website starting with the higher priority pain point areas.

9. You need help understanding the analytics

Although analytics tools are an SEO specialist’s best friend, they may not be yours! We understand they can be rather daunting. Not all of us have a mind built for sifting through data and identifying the numbers to focus on and interpret, but that’s okay!

By hiring an experienced SEO specialist, you can leave this aspect of the business to someone who can then report all the important data back to you, saving you hours of time looking through the numbers yourself. The specialists know what to look for and where to find it, and so will be able to give you all the information required in half the time.

10. You’re not attracting any local business

As a consumer, when you do a search like ‘restaurants near me’ or ‘local hairdresser’, you should receive results based on the type of business you’ve searched for, as well as their location in relation to you. Google will display the results with a map, highlighting where they’re located. This is a prime example of Local SEO. An SEO expert will take all your business information including website, opening hours, location and contact information, and put it into a handy program called ‘Google My Business’. You will recognise this as the square to the right of the search results page with all the basic information you need to know from a business, straight away,

Knowledge is power, and this is true for consumers. Put yourself in their shoes: if you were trying to find a local Italian restaurant. One restaurant has its opening hours, website, images and Google reviews that have been responded to quickly and with grace. The other has a basic website with little to no information about where they are, when they’re open, what their menu looks like, and no-one’s taken the trouble to respond to any reviews, which restaurant are you going to choose? Effort goes a long way with people and you can get a strong indication of what kind of experience you’ll have at that restaurant by how they portray themselves online.

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