12 Benefits of a Content Management System (CMS)

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1. Accurate content – As you know your business better than anyone else it makes sense that you keep your website up to date with relevant and accurate information.

2. Do it yourself– It is easier to do something yourself rather than have to explain what you want to someone else and have a time-consuming back-and-forth conversation.

3. Publish data quickly – Not having to rely on someone else allows you to quickly create new content and publish it instantly.

4. Rank higher – Keeping content fresh will rank your website higher in search engines and visitors are likely to return.

5. Search engine-friendly –A CMS has features that help you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will be greatly appreciated by search engines resulting in better page rankings.

6. Remote Access – Log in to your website and make changes from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

7. Saves money – Being able to edit content yourself means that you no longer have to pay your web designer to make amendments or update content etc. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

8. No coding knowledge required – A CMS separates the design from the content so the complicated coding is in the back end of the website out of harm’s way. The front end just requires basic computer skills to update and add new content etc. However, if you have coding knowledge you can set up permissions that will allow you to edit source code and other more advanced features.

9. Communication – CMS websites have facilities that allow visitors to contact you directly on your website so it eliminates the hassle of having to use external email clients.

10. Security – Content Management Systems offer better security because they control who is allowed to publish and can limit what people see depending on their permissions.

11. Database-driven – If you want to change a file that is repeated on multiple pages you can overwrite the file on the database which will make the change throughout the site.

12. Updates – If your website or parts of it need updating you will be notified within your user interface and be made aware of the priority of the update.

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