5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

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1. Your site looks presentable on all the devices

Unlike Dynamic and static websites that appear the same way on all devices, Responsive websites will change their appearance depending on the device that is displaying the website. This ensures that your website is always presenting itself in the best way possible.

2. Catering for tablet and mobile audiences

With the amount of tablet and mobile users shooting through the roof, it is wise to provide them with the optimal viewing experience of your website. It will increase the possibility of people returning to your website due to the pleasant experience they had.

3. Consolidating your analytics and reporting

As you won’t need multiple sites for desktop and mobile you will only need a single domain which will make it much easier to manage your analytics account. Tracking user journeys, conversion paths, funnels and redirections between sites is a thing of the past with this new technology.

4. No need for a separate mobile website

Responsive web design eradicates the need for a separate mobile website which will save you a lot of development time thus consequently saving you a lot of money. It also eliminates the confusion of having separate domain names for desktop and mobile versions.

5. Early adopter of new technology

As Responsive web design has only recently come about it is more than likely that most of your competitors have not stumbled across it yet. Be one of the first to adopt the new technology and be ahead of the trend. Your online users will be very grateful and will reward you by visiting again.

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