5 biggest email marketing mistakes

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How many emails did you have waiting for you this morning? Too many I bet. Every day we send more than 294 billion emails so the key to successful email marketing is standing out from all the other emails in someone’s inbox.

With that in mind here are 5 mistakes to avoid in your email marketing.

A common mistake in email marketing is overlooking the importance of the sent-from address. Click To Tweet

1. Sending image-heavy emails

Not everyone will have the “display images” function enabled on their emails, so if you are sending them an email that is all or mostly images, all they will see is a blank email, which will go straight into the trash. So if you are going to use lots of images, make sure you repeat the text outside of an image so the receiver understands the message. Alternatively you can have a link to a web version of your email:

2. Using the universal approach

Emails that are relevant to the reader are more successful. By segmenting your email lists you can have a different message for each. The receivers will find your emails more relevant and more interesting. Which leads to an increase in your open and click-through rates.

3. Not having a responsive email

The use of mobile devices has risen massively and people are opening emails from their phones and tablets more than ever, it is therefore extremely important that these users can read your emails: 70% of people say that if an email does not open and render correctly on their mobile, they will ignore it. Having an email that looks good across all devices is an important part of your email marketing.

4. Having the wrong sent-from address

A common mistake in email marketing is overlooking the importance of the sent-from address. If you choose an address such as donotreply@example.com, your emails are not going to be seen as very personal or inviting and the likelihood is that your emails will end up in the trash. You need to use a recognisable address that looks like it has come from a real person.

5. Using an out-of-date mailing list

If your email list hasn’t been updated in a long time, or if you have bought a mailing list that isn’t up-to-date, then no matter how fabulous your campaign is, it’s going to be sent to broken email addresses. Not only will your campaign not be effective, it can also be red flagged by your email provider.

Email marketing is a large part of digital marketing and we would love to help you avoid these mistakes. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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