5 Predictions for Web Design in 2016

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With the New Year creeping up on us all too quickly it seems a good time to reflect on the future of web design. Below are our 5 predictions for Web Design in 2016.

Top 5 Predictions for Web Design


1. Further progressions in responsive web design

Responsive web design, i.e. a website which can proportionally scale down from desktop to laptop, from tablet to mobile while maintaining its functionality and a worthy user experience, is no longer viewed by designers/developers as a ‘trend’ but rather now as a necessity.

Today, due to a new algorithm confirmed within the Google search engine, websites which aren’t responsive are now more under the knife to make the change. If they are to remain as a static website (non-responsive) this could result in a much poorer search ranking. This is something which Google hopes will motivate companies to go ahead with an upgrade to a responsive website.

responsive website design
Responsive design will be super important in our predictions for web design for 2016

Is your website mobile friendly? Click here to find out and then get in touch to hear about our very own responsive web design services.

2. Importance of typography

Typography has always been largely the deciding factor from a good design and a bad one in graphic / print design, subsequently only in the last 2-3 years has a website’s frequent use of typography at its core for the design/layout, been trending. Fortunately, going into 2016, I can imagine that there will be many more website designs being produced which are experimenting with this modern trend. So expect more variation in fonts, colour scheme and layouts as well as further instalments into clean minimalistic design across new upcoming websites!

Check out the links below which show just how successful great typography can be for your website.

3. One page design

One page designs have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and for good reason. One page website designs allow greater functionality for use on mobile devices and tablets because they reduce the amount of loading time between pages at the cost of long scrolling up and down one singular page divided up into multiple sections.

This however, does face desktop users with the crux of having to scroll for what seems like ‘forever’ in order to find exactly what they’re looking for throughout a website.

Take a look at a few websites which incorporate the one page website design, below.

4. Continuation of sliders

Often today and into 2016, you will see sliders being implemented into the full-width of a website home page with the content aligned to the centre.

This not only looks great (especially if professional photography is used) but can also be a great way to represent your website’s content with a ‘call to action’ button. Seeing its popularity throughout this year – among many websites, I can envision that this will also continue into 2016.

Website sliders
Website sliders are a great way of including multiple messages

We have an example of our own slider on our website here at Cariad Marketing, shown above.

5. Demise of popup content

Ever been on a website reading a blog article and then a pop up appears in the centre of the screen, trying to catch your attention to sign up to their newsletter or to purchase a new product? Annoying right? Well luckily today, popups aren’t actually as prominent as they used to be in the early noughties and going into the New Year, it’s fortunately, predicted that they will continue to be on the downfall in popularity.

So there you have it. Our 2016  predictions for web design. Are you looking to get a head start into 2016 with a new, fully responsive website? Get in touch.

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