The 5 Stages of Logo Design

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5 stages of logo design

Not so long ago, I wrote about what clients need to consider when getting a logo designed. In this blog, I will talk about the process that we, the designers, consider when creating a logo and the five stages we go through in the process. It is important for clients to know how we work and what we do, as this creates a more transparent workflow in which both sides can understand each other better.

Before jumping straight into the design process, we’ll ask clients to fill out a questionnaire which will help us understand important details about the logo and what they like or don’t like. We will then discuss any ideas with them and point them in the right direction if needed. Here at Cariad Marketing, our team always keeps up to date with the latest design trends so our advice will always be beneficial to the client.

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1. Research

The research stage is the first we go through, and it’s made up of two parts: digging deeper into understanding the target market, and researching the competition. This stage plays an important role in the logo design process as it determines the direction of the creative and gives us an overall idea of what we should and shouldn’t do.

2. Business Values

With everything in mind from the first stage, we then explore the client’s business values and contemplate ways to incorporate them into the logo design. They play a key role in what the logo will represent, so it’s imperative that we get this right. This stage puts the heart into the logo and gives it a personality which people can relate to and recognise in the future.

3. Conceptualisation

When starting the design process, it’s best to start with a pen and paper to sketch out some ideas before even looking at a computer. This is the quickest and most effective way to bring an idea or concept to life and see whether or not it will work.

4. Refining the Designs

Once we are happy with what we have on paper, it’s time to start refining the designs on a computer. This is where we make decisions such as what typeface to use and how that will work with the symbol we are creating – it is important to have a good amount of balance between the two. Other things to consider at this stage are how the brand colours will work and how the logo will look in different sizes. This stage involves great attention to detail as it is where we aim to create the first drafts to share with the client. We usually prepare at least three concepts to share, and then develop the one the client has chosen further.

5. Revise and Complete

Once we have refined the logo as much as we can, our design team inspects the artwork one last time. This is when we ensure everything has been done to the highest standard. Once we are satisfied with what we have produced, we then send the final version to the client for their comments and sign-off.

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