5 Ways to improve UX

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Great user experience (UX) feedback

HGreat user experience (UX) feedbackow many times have you decided not to buy from a website because you became frustrated with the site you were browsing, and you’ve gone somewhere else?

A lot, right?

Then why treat your customers any different? Make sure they have the best user experience (UX) possible, and you will see a difference in your website performance.

Whilst there are many ways of improving your customer’s overall UX, I have decided to concentrate on the 5 most effective ways of doing so through your website.

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  1. Make it Responsive – a responsive web design basically means that it doesn’t matter what device someone is viewing your site on, all the elements, content and other page features will neatly be aligned to accommodate the screen they are viewing it on. As soon as someone becomes familiar with your website layout, their whole experience instantly becomes more seamless, and frustration levels are kept to a minimum!Think about it, the last time you went on a site on your mobile, only to find that the text was too small to read and you couldn’t click the right buttons, what went through your mind? Annoying isn’t it, according to Google’s ‘Micro-moments: your guide to winning the shift to mobile’, 87% of people have their smartphone on them day and night, so the need to have a mobile friendly site has become even more important.
  2. Socialisesocial media is a great way to reflect your core business values and show users what you’re about – but you have to let people know! You don’t have to constantly ask people to follow you, just put your social icons above the fold and on the bottom of every page to make it easy for your customers to click through.
  3. Educate your users – User experience is highly intuitive. Customers will often seek answers to any burning questions they might have. ​So by providing them with the information they’re looking for, you’​ll educate them​ and provide them with a more seamless experience. I mean, think about it, by having an FAQs page on your website and putting it in a prominent position, you will not only be giving your customers access to a resource that’s teeming with useful content, but they’ll also be getting even more than they bargained for. Well, everyone loves a bargain after all!
  4. Call To Action (CTA) – quite often you will find yourself wondering what the next stage is, which is why you should always let people know exactly what they need to do next. Not only does this give them the guidance they need, it also significantly increases conversions when CTAs are positioned above the fold. In fact, 1 in 3 smartphone users have purchased from a different company than the one intended because the site provided the information they needed.
  5. Show off testimonials – by doing this you will be reassuring your users of the quality of your company and giving yourself an air of authenticity which is more likely to result in people using your service/products. Place the testimonials somewhere that’s immediately visible in order to showcase your hard work in a positive light.

If you would like to know more about how you can improve your customer’s online user experience, feel free to get in touch.

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