50 catchy headlines to drive people to your website (in an ethical way)

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50 catchy headlines to drive people to your website (in an ethical way)

In a crowded market, it’s difficult to find ways of driving people to your website.

We’ve all been fooled with the questionable ethics of clickbait headlines and, as The Who so succinctly put it, we “won’t get fooled again”! This leaves us with the interesting question, how do you drive people to your website in an ethical way, but at the same time enticing, and is catchy enough to get attention, but not so catchy it looks like clickbait?

Don’t be seduced by numbers

You’ve first got to remember that in terms of readers, you want quality over quantity. When you aim to sell your products or services, there’s no point in writing headlines that appeal to huge numbers of people, because most of them simply aren’t interested. What they’ll do is realise they’re not interested and click away, slightly annoyed that what the headline promised is not what was delivered. This is not good for positive brand awareness. So much better to appeal to your target customer, even if it means fewer people visit your website.

What are people’s pain points?

Your company is there to solve a problem or make life better, and easier, for your customers and clients. By addressing what their pain points are, you’ll get their attention. If they happen to be scratching their heads about, for example, why they’re not on the first page of Google search results for their best-selling product, and they see a headline along the lines of ‘How to get your product to number one on Google searches’, you’ve just generated a potentially useful lead.

Ask questions

Another way of framing a headline is to pose it as a question – but if you do this, make sure you answer the question in the article. Are you still waiting for the 50 headlines? Don’t worry, they’re coming!) Headlines in question format are good for Google searches because they reflect what people are actually searching for. If we post a blog that’s headlined ‘How does PPC advertising help get results’ and someone is typing that into a search engine or asking Alexa that question, it’s more likely that our blog will be seen by that particular person than if the headline is less descriptive, e.g. ‘Cariad Marketing can help boost your PPC’.

Information and top tips

Life hacks are extremely popular – after all, who doesn’t want to make their life easier? So why not share a few business tips with potential clients – it’s all part of building trust in your brand, so don’t be afraid to share a few trade ‘secrets’ (which are probably available somewhere on the internet anyway). By being happy to give people tips, you’re showing that you want to help your customers, and you’re also making your company appear trustworthy and transparent, all of which are desirable traits that are likely to gain you fans.

Example headlines

So, it’s time to put our money where our Cariad mouth is. In the headline we promised 50 catchy, ethical headlines, and here they are. They’re clearly aimed at digital marketing topics – because these are real headlines and that’s what we do! – but please feel free to adapt them to your own sector’s needs.

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  5. You know it’s time to consider outsourcing your social media management when…
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  8. How recent changes in social media can be used to propel your marketing
  9. Do you need a website in 2021?
  10. Pros and cons of ecommerce websites
  11. Why Marketing is essential to Sales
  12. Keeping positive with your marketing
  13. Equipping your website for ecommerce
  14. WordPress plugins – new and best plugins to use
  15. Top tips for marketing your business
  16. Five steps to boost organic engagement on Facebook
  17. Seven of the biggest changes to digital marketing in the past decade
  18. What you need to know about influencer marketing
  19. Social media trends
  20. Five graphic design trends
  21. How to create your digital marketing strategy
  22. Ten tips to spot fake emails
  23. Top six best practices for increasing website traffic
  24. What’s the difference between cold, warm and hot leads?
  25. The five stages of logo design
  26. Top seven SEO tools to help you climb the rankings
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  38. What is link building and how will it help your ranking?
  39. Are you afraid of email marketing?
  40. Wondering why you should blog?
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  50. Why you’ll fall in love with Cariad
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