6 Most Useful Browser Extensions for Digital Marketers

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As digital marketers, we spend a lot of our time online, browsing the web. In a quest to make that process less tedious and more productive, I have outlined six of the most useful browser extensions that every digital marketer should have. Let’s get started.

6 of the most useful browser extensions that every digital marketer should be aware of include RiteTag, Grammarly, Gyazo, Rapportive, vidIQ, Adblock Plus. Click To Tweet


For you social butterflies out there, this handy, lightweight extension gives you the ability to see which hashtags are currently trending across Twitter. This therefore prevents you from using hashtags which rarely get used. The more popular a hashtag, the more likely your target audience will see your social posts. This will inevitably increase the traffic to your website.

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By visiting the RiteTag website, you can easily compare hashtags and view a more overall, statistical view of how they perform. Here’s an example of how the hashtag #digitalmarketing is performing.



Grammarly is a handy extension for us busy digital marketers who spend a lot of their day on social media, emails or just… copy in general. We may from time to time, send an email out only to feel like a complete fool, realising that it contained a few ridiculous typos! With Grammarly, these mistakes can be quickly picked up on and corrected beforehand. As it says in its name, it will also fix grammar mistakes and suggests better words to use. Check out the video below to see it in action.


Gyazo is personally one of my favourite extensions. It expands on the basic screenshot function all PCs already have (just above the delete key on your keyboard) and allows you to capture a certain selection of your screen (rather than all of it). It then gives you a copied URL to view the screenshot online. This URL can easily be shared with your friends. Note: I used Gyazo for the images under the RiteTag heading!



If you use Gmail, then this extension might just be for you. Whenever you receive an email, Rapportive will give you an overview of information fed in through that contact’s Linkedin profile. As we all know, information is power!


vidIQ Vision for YouTube

As videos are now becoming ever-growing in popularity as the platform to share online, we are presented with vidIQ Vision, an extension which gives us handy stats to the side of any YouTube videos. This extension will inevitably help us create videos which better engage and most importantly, get seen by our specific target audiences.


Adblock Plus

Take the most patient and calm individual on the planet and I guarantee that online adverts irk them. Well maybe not the skippable ten second video ads you get on YouTube but the 30 second long non-skippable ones? You’re probably having awful flashbacks of those right now, I imagine. How about the adverts that pop up over videos, taking up half the screen? What about the spread of adverts across webpages as you try to scroll through? If any of these scenarios annoy you, then AdBlock Plus is for you! AdBlock Plus does what it says. It automatically removes any adverts which are enabled to show on any website, at no cost to the speed of your computer.


So there we have it, six of the most useful browser extensions for digital marketers. Do you have any you think should make the list? If so, leave a comment below. We would love to know of them!

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