7 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Business Page

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7 ways to improve your facebook business page

Facebook remains the most used social media platform in the world with over 2.79 billion monthly active users in 2021. The UK is currently the largest market for Facebook in Europe with over 44 million users and over 66% of the population logging online daily. Ensure that you are utilising the platform to its full potential by following our 7 top tips for improving your Facebook Business page. 

Make Sure Your ‘About’ Section is Up-To-Date

It’s essential to ensure that your ‘About’ section is kept up to date as this is where users will head to gain important information about your business.  Remember to have all sections completed otherwise this could lead to loss of traffic on your page. 

Make sure that you display the correct contact information, location and opening times for your business because this is where potential customers will be looking to get in contact with your brand. To make these updates click on Settings > Page Info.

Stand Out From The Crowd

First impressions are important, so it’s crucial to use a high-quality logo for your profile picture. Alongside being on your business page, your profile picture will appear in the news feeds of your followers whenever you post or reply to comments. It’s important to ensure that it stands out from the crowd and sets the tone for your brand.

Following on from this, the header feature on Facebook is an excellent way to attract a users’ attention. Using a branded image that compliments your profile picture can look both eye-catching and seamless, helping to establish a professional feel to your page.

Display a Call To Action Button

On your Facebook business page you are able to add a call-to-action (CTA)  button allowing you to direct your page visitors to a specific destination. This button can be set to one of the pre-named options in settings,  such as “Contact Us”, “Book Now”, “Use App” or “Learn More”. This CTA button enables you to link the user to either your website, a landing page or wherever you feel is relevant to your business’ KPIs, right at the top of your profile.  

Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience allows you to engage with them effectively. Take into consideration factors such as age, where they are located, what jobs they have and what challenges they face. You can target specific customers based on their listed interests, allowing you to market to people who are most likely to benefit from your page. 

It’s useful to understand how and when your target audience uses Facebook, as this can impact on planning and scheduling your content. For example, if your target market commutes to a 9-5 job, their most active times of the day are often during their journey to and from work because this is when they have free time to scroll through their social media. 

When Is The Best Time To Post?

Posting at appropriate times can help to increase engagement on your page, unfortunately there is no foolproof time schedule to follow. However, using a Social Media Management tool such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite can determine the optimal times to post for your page and allow you to schedule your posts accordingly. 

Make sure to also post in Facebook groups that are relevant to your target audience because these online communities are an excellent way to increase awareness of your brand whilst targeting potential customers with a shared interest in one place.

Plan Your Posts In Advance and Keep Consistent

Planning your posts in advance can be beneficial when running a Facebook Business Page for multiple reasons. Firstly, defining a content schedule can help to keep your page consistent and up to date. Secondly, it’s a good idea to make sure your content is varied and includes a mixture of photos, videos and link posts. 

Make sure you’re not solely focused on selling to your audience. Striking a balance between selling your product/service and uploading organic content is essential because nobody likes to know they’re being sold to. Behind the scenes exclusives, relevant news and interactive posts, such as polls and competitions are a great way to generate engagement and create traction for your business.

How To Keep Your Audience Engaged

Ensure that you’re replying to all comments and messages on your page as the Facebook algorithm favours pages that are seen to be regularly active and responsive to their audience.  Acknowledging your fans is crucial for building and maintaining a positive relationship with your audience and will incentivise them to continue to interact with your page. 

Stay current by engaging with national social media holidays and using the appropriate hashtags. Creating a Social Media Calendar can help you to track which national days are coming up and which are most relevant for your business and your online audience. 

These are just a few of the many ways you can build your online presence through a well optimised Facebook Business page. If you need some more top tips, or would like us to help you with your social media management, get in touch. 

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