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primary asset finance web designed and developed by Cariad Marketing

Our web development team has launched another stunning website. We were asked to develop and build a brand-new website for Primary Asset Finance (PAF), a division of Primary Finance Group (PFG). We had already built a new website for PFG at the beginning of 2020 and were asked to design and build a complementary site for PAF that showed it was part of PFG, but also had its own separate identity – PAF’s target clients are SMEs, while PFG’s are large corporations. 

The new PAF website was needed to support business growth by building the brand at the same time as increasing website traffic and the number of inbound enquiries. It was essential that the new website helped to inspire confidence in the brand and showcased the team’s expertise. 

As the PAF website is aimed at SMEs, we designed it to look more friendly and approachable than its corporate-aimed counterpart. The imagery is more people-centred than the corporate style of imagery used on the PFG website, and it portrays situations likely to be more familiar to the directors of SMEs. 


About Primary Asset Finance

Primary Asset Finance has a reputation for being trustworthy and approachable, and it has good working relationships with lenders, clients and introducers alike. The company is not a lender itself, but helps SMEs find the right financial solution that will help them increase sales and then introduces them to lenders willing to help. 

With the pandemic lockdowns, some SMEs will need cash support to help them recover. Alternatively, an SME may have spotted new opportunities that need an investment in new equipment, IT or machinery; in which case, PAF can arrange affordable technology finance

Long waits for invoice payments are a common problem for SMEs, especially when dealing with larger companies with long payment terms which can be 90 days or more. With invoice financing, PAF can arrange a loan against invoice payment so an SME can access working capital, with the loan payable on receipt of the money invoiced.  

“The project Colette and I are working on together is to build a website and create a social media presence for Primary Asset Finance from scratch, not only that but at supersonic pace! As an asset finance broker, this project is most definitely out of my comfort zone and expertise. The team at Cariad has taken on the brief and executed it like Jedi masters. The advice, support and guidance throughout has been fantastic and it feels like they are genuinely part of the team and creating the marketing magic we need. I’m absolutely loving the journey we are on and also making it manageable so I can focus on day to day duties. As Colette and the team had already proven themselves as a core part of our marketing function for Primary Finance Group I knew I was in safe hands.

“I can’t recommend using Colette and the team at Cariad highly enough if you are looking to increase your company’s visibility online via website and a social media presence. If you don’t know where to start with your marketing then contact Cariad, you will be so impressed with their technical knowledge, support, implementation and results. I know I am.” Laura Day, PAF

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