A New Bespoke Website Launched

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A New Bespoke Website Launched

We recently launched a brand new bespoke website for MoneyMagpie, the UK’s leading self-help money site for those seeking a richer life. It’s packed with fun and easy-to-understand articles, eBooks and videos on how to make money, save money and manage your finances wisely.

The new website was built using WordPress CMS and WooCommerce. Our web design and development team utilised a combination of core “out of the box” WordPress behaviour and bespoke development to deliver a solution that will provide visitors with a premium customer journey. We also gave it a fresh design.

It was envisaged that the new website would lead to increased search visibility, stand out from competitors, have an enhanced user experience and showcase all aspects of the brand. We increased site speed, created a better mobile experience and established a brighter and more attractive appearance.

The new website was developed using the latest techniques and coding best practice, a responsive adaptation for all screen sizes and maximum optimisation for website performance, at the same time as ensuring a future-proof solution that can be supported and evolve over time. The new bespoke website is clean and authoritative, fun, accessible, expert-led, modern and fast-paced. We also enhanced the security of the site with a high security firewall that stops website hackers and attacks.

About MoneyMagpie

MoneyMagpie is a financial information and advice website for customers. It was founded by Jasmine Birtles, a TV and radio presenter, financial and business journalist and author. MoneyMagpie is well-known in the UK as the leading independent site for safe and legitimate money-making and money-saving opportunities.

MoneyMagpie helps customers make, save and manage money in easy and fun ways. The site provides simple methods to make quick money at home or online and also offers business ideas, financial news and hardship grants. The guides and articles are free and offer valuable advice on everything from investments to money saving tips for everyone including parents, over 50s, students, unemployed individuals, professionals and the disabled community.

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