AI and SEO: The Future is Now

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AI and SEO: The Future is Now

In 2024, it should come as no surprise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to play a key role in the digital marketing landscape. AI is transforming many business strategies, SEO being one of them. In this blog, we discuss how AI and SEO are connected and the impact that AI developments has on optimisation efforts.

What is AI in SEO?

AI has a significant impact on search as users are receiving custom results based on their past behaviour. Search engine AI applications such as Google’s Generative AI are advancing the practice of SEO. While traditional SEO remains essential, AI enhances it through the offering of automation and data mining which unlocks new value in the organic channel. 

Google relies on algorithms that crawl and index webpages and rank them based on relevance. AI-powered algorithms have the potential to fastrack this process by making search results more accurate and efficient. An example of AI integration in search algorithms is Google’s RankBrain. This tool uses machine learning to understand user intent and deliver more relevant search results. As AI becomes more advanced, we can expect search engines to utilise similar technologies. And the result is a more accurate understanding of search queries and better search results.

How artificial intelligence is impacting SEO

It’s no coincidence that some of the SEO trends in 2024 include the mention of AI. SEO is constantly evolving and AI acts as a catalyst in its evolution. Here are a few ways that artificial intelligence is being integrated into search optimisation.

Improved keyword research and content optimisation

Keyword research and SEO-focused content are both essential aspects of SEO. AI can help to automate these tasks by quickly understanding the relationship between search trends and keywords. AI-powered tools can also predict user behaviour, enabling SEO professionals and content writers to create strategies that are more likely to attract audiences. 

Better user experience

Search engines like Google prioritise a website that offers a smooth user experience. AI can help in this regard by analysing user behaviour data and identifying areas of improvement. For instance, AI can analyse user preferences and suggest personalised content ideas for a blog. AI chatbots can also directly provide assistance to website visitors, further improving the customer experience.

Voice search optimisation

With the rise of voice assistants, there has been an increase in voice search queries. As AI advances, voice recognition technology will improve making voice search a key aspect of SEO.

Visual search optimisation

Platforms like Google Lens enable users to search for products using an image instead of text. AI-powered image recognition technology can identify objects within images, allowing search engines to produce accurate search results. To take advantage of visual search, it’s important to optimise your website’s product images, making it as easily accessible to Google.

What is the potential of AI-powered tools for optimisation?

AI-powered tools can analyse large chunks of data quickly and accurately enough to optimise content. This saves time and resources and allows businesses to focus on other important areas. 

AI optimisation technology allows SEO teams to make data-driven decisions that improve website performance, user engagement and conversion rates. It can also pinpoint user behaviour trends and tools like Surfer SEO can provide content optimisation suggestions.

This gives SEO experts more time to focus on refining strategies and using their expertise and creativity to get you even better results.

Stay ahead with an intelligent SEO strategy

The SEO team at Cariad are hard workers who will always double down on your business’s SEO strategy. They know SEO requires consistency so they use a wide range of techniques. 

From optimising, improving and monitoring your website to constantly striving to achieve SEO and PPC KPIs, we cleverly integrate the best parts of AI to deliver you the best results possible!

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