Bespoke vs. Pre-made: When You Need a Tailor-Made WordPress Website

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Bespoke Theme vs. Pre-made Theme

In today’s digital world, your online presence is crucial. And this starts with having the perfect website to make the right first impression. A pre-made WordPress theme can be tempting, but is it the right choice for your business? 

Around 43% of all websites (a whopping 810 million sites) use the content management system WordPress. So there’s a good chance you will use it for yours. But then you’ll be faced with the choice to either go with a template or have your site built from scratch.

In this guide, we explore the differences between a bespoke and pre-made WordPress website design.

What is the difference between WordPress theme and bespoke WordPress websites?

A theme is one of the main building blocks of a WordPress website. It consists of a collection of files that determines how your website looks and functions including style sheets, code, templates, core branding and stylistic rules. Using a pre-built theme is essentially a plug-and-play option whereby you choose one of thousands of designs. This will affect how your website is structured, the types of images to use and more. Then you only have to plug in those images and text on various page types within the theme.

A bespoke WordPress theme is developed and built according to your business needs. This means it will be unique to your brand and created from scratch around your specific requirements and functionality. For instance, if you request an ecommerce website, your designer would curate the site to include secure payments, efficient inventory management and any other functionality you require. A bespoke WordPress website can also offer you more control over your website in terms of performance, tracking and optimisation.

Our Web Services Director, James Koussertari shares his thoughts on how a bespoke website differs from a pre-made website for small businesses looking to grow:

A bespoke website boasts uniqueness and better reflects a brand’s identity. It also usually provides more customisation abilities without the limits that a pre-made website may have. Scalability is another reason you may want to go bespoke, as the architecture can be built in a way that preempts all future needs. Lastly, a bespoke website will have all the required functionality from the get go and additional features can be more easily integrated when needed.”

The best of both worlds

A third hybrid option is also available that harnesses aspects of both WordPress pre-made templates and bespoke WordPress websites.

These are specialist website designs created by development agencies that combine the easily available nature of a template with the customisation options of a bespoke website. Essentially, the hybrid option uses a WordPress theme that a web designer can tailor to your business needs, allowing for a bit more flexibility and room for improvement.

These designs are sometimes customised with certain industries or types of businesses in mind. For instance, Cariad Web Design offers pre-made designs for various sectors from hair salons and healthcare to manufacturing and recruitment. With this option, you can enjoy a personalised WordPress website without having to wait for a completely new website to be built. 

Pros and cons of a pre-made WordPress theme

With platforms like WordPress, you can install a template and customise it to suit your brand’s identity. As these types of websites are pre-built, they lack the flexibility needed to grow as your business grows. You are limited to the parameters of the template but at the same time, they have a shorter development time and can be ready very quickly. They are also more affordable and can cost less to build.


  • Reduced investment
  • Faster to create and launch
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy for beginners


  • Can pose security risks like coding bugs and hidden malware in themes
  • Compatibility errors
  • Lack of personalisation and flexibility 
  • Difficult to re-create or alter if you rebrand
  • Spending time tweaking in order to make it look original
  • No technical support

Pros and cons of a bespoke WordPress theme

Bespoke WordPress websites built for your needs will require a big commitment in terms of time and budget. But the rewards are even bigger! You can rest assured that your site will be created according to your business and industry, be well-equipped for SEO and speed, and evoke your unique brand. Not to mention it is capable of growing with your business! Here are the pros and cons to keep in mind if you choose a personalised WordPress theme:


  • Created for your target audience
  • One-of-a-kind design
  • Optimised for speed and security
  • Presents your core values
  • Ongoing maintenance from your web team
  • Better long-term investment


  • Will need a budget
  • Longer timeline for completion 
  • Requires experts

How to choose the best website to help your business grow

The decision between a bespoke website and a template website ultimately comes down to your business’s needs. While a pre-built template may cost less and has a quicker turnaround time, the advantages of a web team developing and designing a bespoke website cannot be overlooked. If you have the budget and time, a WordPress built website will be more secure, have custom functionality and be easily optimised for SEO.

At Cariad Marketing, we’re well-versed in the art of bespoke websites, just browse our stunning portfolio here. If you like what you see, contact us today to chat about your business goals and website needs. 

Or check out our sister company, Cariad Web Design for pre-made WordPress templates that combine the best of template and bespoke websites at an affordable pay monthly rate.

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