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Chilli Pilates - Fitter, Healthier, Happier - Pilates in Hertfordshire

When our client Chilli Pilates approached us about a new website, we knew it’d be one of the most complex we’ve built to date. Chilli’s previous website was designed almost eight years ago, and since then, the company has expanded. We therefore had to make sure the new, fully optimised website provides users with a premium experience at the same time as fulfilling its technical requirements – to rank highly in the search engine results and to be scalable and flexible enough to fit in with the company’s ambitious business plans. 

One of Chilli’s requirements for this bespoke web development project was that the client needed to be able to make changes themselves, it had to be easy and straightforward, and they needed the ability to create highly dynamic landing pages on the fly. We therefore built the website with the Gutenberg Block Editor, using our own bespoke blocks. This has given the website its own style and functionality, as well as being extremely modular and flexible.

A complex set up

Bespoke web development is always necessary for complex, multi-functional web build projects.

We had a number of factors to take into account with the new Chilli Pilates website which made it more challenging for us. Chilli has ten studios in and around Hertfordshire, each of which needed its own online booking system. Chilli also has an app that allows members to book classes on their phone. We needed to make sure the two remained connected so members can book classes on whatever platform is best for them. 

Chilli also has an online shop selling a small range of branded products. While a payment method is required, the shop is only a small part of the business, so an ecommerce website was not going to be a cost-effective option. The best working solution that has no additional cost is that members order through an online contact form with a consent box allowing the business to charge the purchase against the debit/credit card already stored on the member’s account. 

A great look and a great user experience

It was important to Chilli Pilates that the new website looks clean and fresh, and provides the user with a good experience. The company needs to convey a lot of information which must be easy to find on the website: 

  • Information about the different studios, including maps
  • Booking system for all the individual classes at the different studios 
  • Pricing information for membership, therapies and personal training 
  • Biographies for every instructor, including an online booking system for 1-on-1 sessions with individual instructors
  • Information about Reformer Pilates and its benefits
  • Information and booking for online classes
  • Shop 
  • FAQs
  • Live messaging

This is one of the most complex website we’ve built so far, and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved. 

“Working with the Cariad team rebuilding the website has been great. At the start of the process they helped us refine our vision and then worked closely with us throughout to bring it to life. Their developers are extremely knowledgeable and were always happy to answer questions and make any adjustments based on our feedback.” Thomas Millar, Chilli Pilates

About Chilli Pilates

Chilli Pilates specialises in Reformer Pilates, a more dynamic and intense form of Pilates that uses specialist ‘beds’. Reformer Pilates exercises are designed to improve the posture by realigning the body and working on neglected muscles. Reformer Pilates also helps people build up their core strength and core stability at the same time as improving flexibility. It also helps people recover more quickly from back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. 

The Reformer bed was originally developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He had already devised a set of exercises that helped build strength and flexibility, and he went on to design a system of springs and pulleys that could be attached to hospital beds and used to provide the resistance needed to help bed-bound patients improve their strength and flexibility. The beauty of Reformer Pilates is that everyone can adjust the resistance to suit them. This means that beginners can do the same exercises alongside the more experienced, but everyone can go at their own pace. 

Reformer Pilates is suitable for anyone and everyone. It’s a great way of building up core strength and flexibility, and it is more supportive and gentle than traditional gym exercises. That’s why it’s very popular with older people and those recovering from injury. Professional sports people and dancers use Reformer Pilates as a way of helping them stay in shape, and even as a way of helping them to improve their game.

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