Christmas Adverts in 2017


ChristmasChristmas, the advertiser’s dream. A tsunami of cuteness, schmaltz and twinkles! An extravaganza of syrupy sentimentality. Wide-eyed children, fluffy animals and jingle bells …

And yet …

Who, but the very cynical, can resist being submerged in the dream of the ‘traditional family Christmas’ as laid on by the advertisers?

The laughing innocent children, all the family together by a roaring fire and the dining room table groaning with festive fare. Oh, the crisp white snow outside and the cosy atmosphere indoors, created by vintage lighting and music.

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The 2017 Christmas ads

2017 hasn’t been any different, but there a few (for obvious reasons) Christmas adverts that have taken the spotlight and are more popular than others:

John Lewis – #MozTheMonster

The most highly anticipated Christmas ad each year has to be John Lewis’s. This year’s £7 million pound commercial features Moz, the monster under a little boy’s bed. As each day goes by, the unlikely bond between the two, gets stronger and stronger.

Each year John Lewis takes a great effort to make its ad tower over that of its competitors, stealing the festive spotlight in the process. This year, however, there has been more competition than ever.

Sainsbury’s – #EveryBitOfChristmas

Unlike their competition, this year Sainsbury’s took a more traditional, understated route. A real world with real people. Oh, and some very real karaoke …

It’s basically just families loving and living all things Christmas, indulging in the simpler things in life and ‘living well for less’.

Definitely not underplaying things, this next isn’t just any old Christmas advert, it’s an M&S Christmas advert.

M&S – #LoveTheBear

A Christmas tale like no other, with Christmas spirit in full swing and just oozing compassion – a warm fuzzy feeling included. This is a heart-rending tale featuring our very own Paddington Bear, the A-lister who first came to life in 1958 and is enjoying a renaissance on the big screen.

It’s weird how easily a fluffy character can tug on our heartstrings, deftly creating a bond (no pun intended) between conscientiousness and brand loyalty. And it’s not just Paddington who does this!

Heathrow – #HeathrowBears

A heartwarming rendition which features the lives of two little bears who struggle to come to grips with the hardship life has to offer. This touching tale leaves plenty of scope for discussion, and although at times somber, the end result is tear-jerkingly brilliant!

But not all fluffy, wide-eyed characters come in the shape of a bear… they come in all shapes and sizes!

Bettys – #BeEnchanted

Simplicity at its finest. A real sprinkle of Christmas magic. Only 40 seconds long and full of delight, Bettys has produced a really snappy, sentimental snippet, which couldn’t be anymore Christmassy if it tried.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… the commercial blizzard continues to flutter across our televisions in full fury. It seeps into our unconscious and, just for a second, we forget about the madness and commercialism. Christmas is coming.

The question is: which is this year’s best Christmas advert? Comment below to let us know your favourite!


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