Best Digital Marketing Learning Resources – Top Three

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Learning can be fun, it just takes a pinch of motivation, an end goal and the right resources to get you started. Luckily, there are several websites out there which can help you out. I tend to use a collection of these personally, from home, in order to learn new, useful skills.


Learn to code, build a website, launch an app or even start a business with Team Treehouse. It costs just £17.55 / $25 a month but – there’s even the possibility of reducing that investment so that you pay nothing. That is, if you refer 5 other active people to the service.


Team Treehouse offers its students a vast array of courses (see below) hosted by many different digital marketing professionals within Web development, Design, SEO, Business and lastly, App development.


With various new courses being added monthly, this gives students a very wide library of new skills to learn. I also really enjoy the process in place of learning at Treehouse. The courses are made up of informational videos, practice challenges and quizzes. An active forum is in place where students can have their questions answered by others or even better, by the teachers themselves. This adds a very personal level to the popular learning resource and gives you the warming sense that you are part of an active community.

Another handy feature is the simple yet extremely effective motivational progress tracker (see below). This tracks your learning progress throughout each week, so if you’re slipping behind on your learning, maybe that’ll kick-start your motivation! There are many other cool features to Team Treehouse but I’ll let you find those gems out on your own. Why not get started here for a FREE trial



Student or teacher, you will love Udemy. The website allows anyone, be it the average Joe, to the experienced tutor, the ability to create and upload their own courses for students to enrol and purchase (some courses are even free!).


Udemy not only offers a tonne of digital marketing themed courses but practically ‘anything’ you could imagine that you would like to learn. Whether it be a new language, learning a new craft or upping your knowledge of social media, there’s likely to be a course available to suit your own personal learning goal. Simply type in what you’re interested in learning and take a look through the results.



As a digital marketer, I believe that it is essential that those involved in this modern, ever-changing industry to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. With that said, it can be a little tricky to start learning from scratch. However, Codecademy is a great source to get you started. With ‘Code Challenges’ it gets the student geared to learning by completing short tasks with an end goal in place to create something new, whether it be aligning some text neatly to an image or producing your first navigational bar to a website. It then challenges the student at the end of each segment to see if they can write the code freely without any help.


The major plus side to Codecademy is that you can learn for completely free, no charges, but with payment for further in-depth learning as an optional addition.


Why not learn something new today? Cariad Marketing also offers its own in-house training, for more information on how we can help you, click here. Alternatively, you can call us on 01992 582 824.

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