Bringing creativity to life in a BIG way

Bringing creativity to life in a BIG way
28 Apr 2020

Working online, in digital marketing, it is all too easy to forget how important the other stuff is too. By “other stuff”, we mean offline. The physical printed materials. The large, bright and bold visuals that bring our high streets to life through window displays, and create the wow factor at exhibitions and don’t just rely on impressive visuals through a screen.

But what if you could do both?  Enter Cariad

KGK Genix has long been considered the industry’s ‘biggest secret’ in large format display printing, having worked alongside many exclusive brands and top retail outlets. With the recent collaboration of KGK Creative, KGK Print and Genix Imaging to work in synergy as KGK Genix, the creation of a brand new website showcasing the great work of all parts of the company was essential.  We won’t lie. Having the images and the videos which KGK Genix provided to populate the website was a dream come true. Working with this vibrancy meant that the website couldn’t fail to give us a stunning end result. A modern, edgy, fun, clean and user-friendly website which is a joy to look around – much like what KGK produces for its clients in real life!

Take a look for yourself! 


Colette Cooper

Client Services Team Manager Colette is usually the first friendly face new clients meet and is always ready to impress with her marketing knowledge and experience. She’s a fitness fanatic, devoted to her family and a sucker for charitable causes.

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