Cariad’s Favourite Easter Marketing Campaigns

Happy Easter - Can you find the egg?
24 Mar 2016

The Twelve Days of… Easter?

The world has been inundated with all things chocolate recently – that’s right, it’s Easter. So we’ve asked around the office for Easter marketing campaigns that have caught everyone’s eye and, in no particular order, here they are.


Jack Elkins

Thorntons factory – “chocolate makers Thorntons have come up with a interactive Easter egg factory for people to explore.” It’s also chock-a-block (pun intended) of information about eggs, bunnies and Easter itself.


Sarah Hollingsworth

Asda giant chicken – “loving the idea of SO much chocolate! We need to get one of these hens for the office…”

Asda's Easter Marketing Campaign

Mary Finucane

Aldi’s gorilla – “this ad’s a cute mickey-take. And who doesn’t like a gorilla and chocolate combination.”


Alex Moody

Käfer Chocolate – “this is cute and funny at the same time as being really sad. Clever!”

Sara Oliver

M&S – “this isn’t just any cute Easter advert…this is an M&S cute Easter advert”.

M&S's Easter Marketing Campaign

Sarah Wragg

Channel 4 sharks – “not a huge chocolate fan myself (collective gasp of horror), I’ve gone for something less sweet. Three years ago Channel 4 did a different take on Easter Eggs, by trailing a programme about hatching sharks. I loved the ad (except the arachnid bit), but sadly I forgot to watch the programme…”


Annalisa Ratti

Heineken – “this is my favourite print ad. It’s a nice pun on the foil-wrapped egg idea.”


Dateme Tubotamuno

Cologne Zoo – “a few years ago, this German zoo came up with an egg-cellent print campaign which combined eggs (of course) with the animals in the zoo. Very clever!”


Sophie Marston

Lidl Easter egg hunt – “Lidl have carved a niche for themselves making ads about real people. This is a cute set up with a real classroom hiding Easter treats for the parents to find later.”


George Fuller

The Giving Machine – not ones to blow our own trumpet… oh actually, we are! Here’s something George made earlier. “I spent ages hiding the Easter egg so it’s deliberately difficult to find.”

If you’re buying chocolate eggs anyway, go through The Giving Machine and benefit charity at the same time.

The Giving Machines' Easter Egg Hunt

James Koussertari

Mercedes – “I’m assuming this is an ad about how good the brakes on a Mercedes are. It’s got everything you need in an ad – a storyline, danger, humour and, hopefully, a happy ending.”

Mercedes' Eater Marketing Campagin

Justine Perry

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – “nothing to do with the campaign, I just like Creme Eggs!”

Do you have a favourite Easter campaign this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Sarah Wragg

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