Celebrating our 10th birthday 10,000 times…

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team cariad 10 years pic

team cariad 10 years pic

This year we’re celebrating Cariad’s 10th Anniversary. Who knew a decade could whizz past so quickly?

While it’s lovely to celebrate such an anniversary for its own sake, Team Cariad is made up of people who love giving back. That’s why we’ll be celebrating our 10th birthday all year, by setting ourselves the hugely ambitious target of raising a mahoosive …


for the incredible Isabel Hospice, our 2019 Charity of the Year.


It’s a big ask. Raising a thousand pounds for each year we have been in business sounds completely doable, but when you’re raising ten years’ worth in one go, well… not such an easy task. In 2017 we worked really, really hard to raise nearly £3,000 for the Hospice and thought we were doing well then! This time we’re aiming to more than treble that total, so we know we’ve got to come up with something extraordinary, and we need to reach more than just friends and family for sponsorship and donations!

We’re currently putting our heads together to come up with ideas. We’ve got a cunning plan for one big main event, but also need to come up with lots of smaller fundraising ideas. One we’ve already implemented is an internal payday draw on the first Friday of each month – everyone puts a fiver into the pot and their name in a hat. One name is picked out of the hat at random and the winner gets half the money, with the other half going to the Hospice. It’s a great start – and one person on Team Cariad gets a really happy Friday!


We’ve put our heads together and are beginning to formulate exciting plans for other events.. Keep an eye on all our social media accounts as we’re bound to be shouting about them as soon as we give them the thumbs up. If you haven’t already liked/followed us, do it now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Why Isabel Hospice?

Anyone who knows Cariad well will know we have a long association with Isabel Hospice. Our MD and founder Justine and her family received amazing support from the Hospice a few years ago, so Isabel will always be close to her heart.

Apart from any personal connection, supporting your local hospice is an amazing thing to do, and there just isn’t space to list the many reasons why here. In fact, if anyone asked, we might suggest they book a long weekend in the Land of Oz and ask the Wizard for a heart instead!

What can you do to help us raise £10,000?

Firstly, get your wallet out – we’ve set up our Cariad’s 10th Anniversary Fundraising Year page on Just Giving, so feel free to offload some of your spare hard-earned cash at any time!

Secondly, we need to undertake new challenges and reach a much bigger pool of people willing to donate as a result of our efforts. If you’ve got any ideas for fun and/or innovative ways we could fundraise, please please please email colette@cariadmarketing.com to let us know! And of course, if you just happen to know a lovely philanthropist who’s happy to donate the whole lot in return for the use of our many talents, introduce us now!

Alternatively, if you’ve got a project we could all get involved with in return for a donation, I think we’d be up for that! We’re obviously extremely talented – award-winningly talented in fact – at SEO, web-builds and content, but as individuals we have many other talents too – you’d be surprised! All you’ve got to do is ask how we can help you in return for a donation – email Colette to start the ball rolling.

And finally, watch this space for further developments!

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