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3 Counties Expo 2018
2 Mar 2018
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3 Counties Expo 2018This year, I’m taking Cariad on a mini road trip and will be at the 3 Counties Expo in Luton on 13 March.

Since setting up Cariad 9 years ago, I’ve been to many trade shows as both an exhibitor and a visitor, giving me a good understanding of why they’re so useful. Most importantly, we’re obviously hoping to attract new clients, in the same way that the show’s visitors will be looking for new suppliers. Coming together at an Expo, whilst exhausting, is a great way of seeing a lot of people in a very short space of time. From our point-of-view, it gives us the advantage of making a good first impression on potential new clients, giving them a much better idea of whether they’d like to work with us before they spend time researching our business.

It’s a bit like an informal speed dating event without the bell – when you’re walking around the stands, you can move on as quickly or slowly as you like. However, if you’re interested, there is an official speed dating session at 11am – at last year’s Expo more than 60 people took part so if you’re hoping to do the same this year, bring plenty of business cards.

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Why you need to be there

Feedback from last year’s Expo was very positive – there were more than 300 visitors from business ranging from small start-ups to big companies. As a result this year’s is being run along the same lines, with networking sessions, free workshops and speed dating.

Debbie Gilbert is one of the event organisers and believes they’ve hit on a winning formula. “We’ve limited the type of businesses exhibiting to two per genre to ensure a diverse mix which is good for our visitors. We’ve also made sure there’s a broad range of activities to keep everyone busy. In fact, we’ve packed everything into a shorter time, with the main business ending at 1.30 and the lunchtime networking session ending at 3. This not only gives people a chance to get back to the office or pick up the kids from school, it also packs everything in – I’ve been to so many all day exhibitions where there’s a counter-productive mid-afternoon slump, so by basically restricting the activities into the morning (albeit a long one), there’s no chance of that happening with us!

“We think of it as a day of opportunity – every bit of business starts from small conversations, and events like the Expos are designed to give participants every opportunity to get them going.”

Why you need to come and say hello to Cariad

We decided to take a stand at 3 Counties Expo this year because we really liked last year’s energy. I’m sometimes accused of doing everything at 90 miles an hour, so the pace is going to suit me down to the ground!

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people as well as connecting with any current clients who’ll be there. Whilst we schedule in regular meetings and catch-up phone calls with our clients, it’s always good to see them in a more informal setting. We’re planning a lively activity, with prizes, so we’re hoping to bring out people’s fun and slightly competitive side.

So please come along and say hello to us on our Stand – we’d love to meet you!

If you’re planning to visit the Expo, click here to book your free place, and sign up for the breakfast and lunch networking events.


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