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Keep calm and be awesome press release

So you’re launching your new website and want to get the message out. It makes sense to send a press release out because it’s big news – right? Wrong.

Whilst it is major news for your business, to a journalist it is rarely newsworthy or day I say, even interesting.

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So how do you get your article published?

As an update to our popular article ‘How to write a press release‘ here are three top tips for how to get published, shared and commented on ….

1. So what?

Use the ‘so what’ test as you write your press release. Thinking about things from a readers’ point of view, it will help you strengthen your press release and create newsworthy content.


Cariad Marketing has launched a new website.

So what?

The new website provides helpful marketing tips and advice for small business owners in Hertfordshire.

So what?

Their team of marketing experts are supplying their expertise for free within their blog, in order to help the wider small business community achieve success from their digital marketing efforts.

So what?

Feedback from St Albans based beauty salon The Natural Touch demonstrated the true value of actioning Cariad’s advice:

“Since Cariad Marketing encouraged me to blog regularly, traffic to my website has doubled and new customer enquiries have increased by 60%”

So what?

So, if you would like to increase traffic to your website and new business enquiries, why not take a read of Cariad’s latest article at or give them a call on 01992 582824.

A bit more compelling, eh?

Press release news!

2. Make your press release relevant

When writing your press release make sure you consider the readers of each publication and write your press release with them in mind.

Have a think about:

      • Why do they read the publication?
      • What do they have in common?
      • What will interest them about your company?
      • How would they benefit from visiting your new website?
      • Can you include a special discount code or promotional offer which is unique to the title?

The more relevant your press release – the more likely it is to get published.

3. Build relationships with journalists

Whether your new website launch heralds the start of your business or is a replacement for an outdated one, it makes sense to start building a relationship with your target publications.

Think about it. If you just randomly send in a press release to someone who has never heard of you or your business and hope that they will deem it newsworthy, isn’t it just leaving it to chance that your hard work will actually get published?

Why not call in advance. Find out who the right person is to speak to, introduce yourself and explain you are sending over a release. Once you have sent it, give it 24 hours and give them a call and make sure they received it okay and ask if they need any further information. Make yourself available for interview and offer a tour of your business.

Assuming your press release gets published, say thank you. A quick email or thank you card makes such a difference. Old school I know, but it makes you stand out from the crowd and shows true appreciation to the journalist who took the time to ensure your press release was included within their publication.

Bonus tip

Always remember the old adage ‘No-one wants to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy’. It is as true today as it ever was. So, make sure your press release helps, informs and interests readers. They’ll know where to go when they want to buy your product or service.

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