Creating a website for loan financing

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Creating a website for loan financing

Top Tier Bridging Loans had a number of particular needs regarding its new website. As a finance company, the client needed the website to be, above all else, serious and businesslike, with an overall tone of professionalism. It also needed to effectively convey the company’s trustworthy and accessible nature. The bridging loan market is dominated by the larger companies, so Top Tier needed us to design a website that proves it is a serious competitor in this market.

It is a small and straightforward website, featuring fresh content that has been optimised to ensure it generates high-quality web traffic. The client needs to create greater brand awareness and increase enquiries. With the use of white space, high-quality stock imagery and icons designed to fit in with the graduated colour scheme, using different shades of blue, we have been able to portray the company as both businesslike and trustworthy.

Our graphic designer was asked to create a new logo for the company and came up with a clever concept that used the letter ‘T’ bridged by the same graduated colour scheme used on the website. The client loved it!

About Top Tier

Top Tier’s target clients are commercial property owners and homeowners looking for short-term loans between £100,000 and £500,000. The company offers a discreet bespoke service that aims to make applying for a bridging loan as straightforward as possible, to give clients quick access to funds. Loans can be taken out over a period of 3-24 months, with no exit fees if they are repaid early.

Borrowers can typically secure loans up to 75% Loan to Value of their property, and funds can often be released in a matter of days, depending on the circumstances.

Top Tier acts for non-status lenders, which means that the decision to grant the loan rests on the value of the property. Borrowers are not required to give evidence of income or trading history, or of their credit history.

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