My Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Cariad Marketing Apprenticeship

Since starting my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Cariad in September my working days have been packed full of learning and new experiences that have made this time extremely enjoyable.

Being a digital marketing apprentice with Cariad is very exciting and it means that I am able to get a huge range of knowledge from a great team who have a wide variety of skills.

My Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Role

I began my first few months focusing on Social Media and with the help of Mary our resident Social Media Specialist, I have learnt the importance of engaging content and posts across Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I have worked on many clients’ accounts ensuring they are growing in followers and achieving an increasing Klout score.

Currently I am working with the Creative team, and already I have begun learning 2 new languages in the form of HTML and CSS, with the objective of designing and building my first website by the end of April. Over the past few weeks I have also started to use design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make a variety of graphics for websites and social media. The knowledge I have already acquired allows me to assist with the website amendments and Helpdesk tasks on different content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal.

At the end of April I will move to the Client Services team. During my time with this team I will be learning about aspects including business proposals and marketing strategies. It will also give me the chance to be included in meetings with clients to help them achieve the goals they want to reach.

Following this I move to my fourth and final team – Delivery. I am very excited to learn about the use of SEO and PPC. I will also have the opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of Google analytics and the uses of similar digital marketing tools. During these months I will be assisting with campaigns for a variety of different clients.

The team are great to work with, and the days usually involve some kind of cake which is a great pick me up in the afternoon. It’s been a very busy and enjoyable 5 months and the remaining months look to be packed full of the same.


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