How To Set Digital Marketing Objectives

Setting Objectives

Setting digital marketing objectives is a vital step in determining whether you achieve success or failure in your digital marketing campaign. Having objectives will allow you to monitor your progress and analyse how successful your campaign was. This will give you an understanding of what makes your customers tick as you have visibility of what they engaged with or perhaps which activity drove the most traffic to your website.

When planning your objectives it is essential that they support your overall businesses goals. They must be carefully planned and take many different factors into account. And this leads us to the all important question…

Digital marketing objectives

How do you set SMART digital marketing objectives?

Firstly, your objective needs to be relevant to whatever digital campaign you are about to begin. There’s no point in setting objective if your campaign won’t help you achieve it. The relevance is important because the objectives you have set need to tackle the problems your business is facing.

As well as being relevant, you must also set an objective that is measurable, so you can analyse certain aspects of your campaign and measure them against what you want to achieve. For example, an objective of “increasing twitter engagement” is not as measurable as “increasing Klout score to 45”. Here you would be able to measure your progress using software and see how far away from or close to your objective you are. This gives you a much better chance of seeing any possible changes needed in your campaign early on.

Another important factor in setting goals is time. You need to give this objective an end date because it will help you to run an efficient campaign.

When setting objectives it is also important that they are achievable by your business. However, do not set objectives that are easy to achieve. Your objectives must stretch your team, meaning they will identify previously overlooked methods to try and achieve them. Setting yourself up for failure is not what you want to do. If you set an unreal objective it might seem as though your campaign was a failure when actually in reality your company could have grown leap and bounds over that period.

Your objectives must also be specific in order to focus the campaign and help to achieve the end result. It’s easy to shy away from setting a target when starting a campaign but it helps to keep things in perspective. We mentioned ‘Klout’ above; this is a great way of setting a Social Media objective because it is clear, concise and relevant to activities. Here are a few other examples of what your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time- related) digital marketing objectives could look like:

  • Increase your brand awareness by building your Twitter followers to 500.
  • Increase lead generation through the website by 15%
  • Maintain an average of 5 enquiries per week over the annual period.

Setting SMART objectives is therefore crucial to your digital marketing campaign, and the goals and objectives you set must take these factors into account in order to be an effective and efficient use of your time and money.

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