Do you need a website in 2020?

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Do you need a website

The situation the world has been in over the last few months has proved more than ever that a business needs a website presence in 2020.

Every company is unique and each company will want something different from its website. Below are some of the benefits a website will give you:

Important for marketing

All digital marketing forms originate from the hub that is your website. SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email marketing, would all be obsolete without a website. Your website also opens the avenues to things like SEO and PPC advertising which can be extremely effective at boosting impressions/conversions, whatever your goal may be.

Always accessible

A shop will always have a closing time, but a website will be available to a customer or potential customer whenever they need it. While this doesn’t always have to be ecommerce, the importance and benefit is still the same. You never know when a customer might be looking for information about you or your business.

Low cost

The cost of building and hosting a website is significantly lower than that of owning and running a premises. Salary costs are also saved as employees are not required to manage and work in the store. However, do not be fooled and pulled in by companies offering extremely low cost websites. These can be poorly built, resulting in site errors and poor SEO ability. We would always advise against creating your own website  using a template provider like Wix for the same reasons.

It is expected

If you receive a recommendation about a business or see an advert, what is the thing you do first to find more information? Google their company, find their website and have a good look at what they’re offering. It is pretty much expected in today’s world that a company has a website.

Google Search Results

Keywords and SEO play such a big part in online marketing today. Without a well optimised website with relevant keywords helping you appear in search results for your key service offering, your competitors will be overtaking you and worse, taking your sales. Very rarely do people go past the first 2 pages of Google search results so it’s vital to invest in digital marketing for your website to maximise your sales potential.


Many businesses choose  to have a chat feature for their website that allows them to speak with customers easily to solve any issues and queries as quickly as possible. This goes hand in hand with a blog that can give your customers fresh information and a feeling that you are always in contact with them.


People like to do business with people they can see and know something about. A team page gives you the opportunity to let customers know more about the people behind the emails and will help to develop a sense of credibility. A professional and personable website is the first step at building trust and confidence. Don’t forget to build on that with things like credentials, testimonials and reviews etc.

In conclusion, it’s undeniable that a website is an essential asset for any business in 2020. The benefits that an online domain will provide will far outweigh the cost for the design, build and hosting of a new website. Speak to us to learn more about our web design and development services.

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