Facebook adopts clickable hashtags, what does this mean?

Facebook adopts clickable hashtags, what does this mean?
20 Jun 2013

First things first, what’s a hashtag? Not everyone knows but if you’re a Twitter aficionado then chances are you’ll be a hashtag fan. Inserting a # infront of a word within a 140 character tweet provides a search facility on that term. This has been used with increasing frequency by TV programmes from popular primetime Britain’s Got Talent to more serious shows like BBC’s Question Time. TV executives have recognised that Twitter’s “clickable hashtags” can add another dimension to any programme in real time and help to drive increased audience figures.

Search on Facebook for #BGT or #SimonCowell today and you’ll probably still be able to read about the egg episode or, wherever you are at 11pm Monday to Friday, search on #Newsnight and you’ll discover the topics being discussed without actually watching the programme!

If you’re a Hertfordshire business reading this article we recommend you follow #HertsHour from 8pm every Monday; driven by Steve Davies of RS Archery. This hashtag provides an excellent opportunity for “virtual networking” which can deliver real business opportunities.

So “clickable hashtags” have proved their value to Twitter and big brands as well as many small businesses here and around the globe. Facebook has now decided to get in on the act following not only Twitter, the originator of the concept, but also Google+.

With Facebook’s introduction of clickable hashtags they are now going to be vitally important to social media content creation for businesses as they become a “search” tool across more than one social network. So our message is “Always remember the keywords for your business and remember to include them as hashtags across all your social media activity”.

If you need some help with your SEO and keyword analysis or Facebook and social media training we’d love to talk to you about this and provide some assistance to improve your business’s online presence so do please email or call us on 01992 58 28 24.


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