Facebook changes some game rules

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Some Facebook page owners have been running promotions in the past which were, strictly speaking, against Facebook’s promotional rules.  However, last month the rules were changed allowing for competitions to be run on a Facebook page.

This may have come as a surprise to many because it is quite common for companies to run competitions on this popular social media tool. Previously, many companies used a third-party app to set up a competition, which whilst cumbersome and time-consuming did have a distinct online marketing advantage. “What was that advantage?” I hear you asking! Well, a Facebook Page app enables you to gather email addresses through opt-in forms enabling businesses to establish contact and create an ongoing conversation with their competition entrants via email.

A blog called Allfacebook has identified 10 reasons why you want to use a third-party app for a competition or contest. The first of their 10 criteria is the access to email addresses but it’s worth casting a glance over the other nine if you want to find out more about Facebook third-party apps.

Why has Facebook made this change? Well many business owners, particularly small businesses, were not aware of this particular term and condition of use and it was being, quite innocently, ignored. Also, there can be some resistance from Facebook users to provide personal data when completing the required questions in a third-party app – so this is a response to market demand by allowing businesses and their Facebook Fans to do what they want to do!

Facebook is a fabulous communications tool, especially for consumer facing businesses. Are you using it to best advantage? Have you invested in a free Facebook cover or a spot of training so that you fully understand how to engage with your customers and attract new potential customers? We’d love to help you, do contact us on 01992 58 28 24 or email.

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