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Sales Mind - All about Mindset

Cariad have been at it again and have just launched a new, responsive website for an innovative sales training company, sales-mind.

The new website positions sales-mind as thought-leaders in innovative sales training programmes that focus on the psychology of the salespeople themselves rather than the consumer.

We were tasked with reflecting this innovative business ethos in the design and user experience of the company’s new website in a way that appeals to sales directors and CEOs, i.e. the decision-makers who may not attend the training themselves.

Whilst the website needs to be relevant for sales-mind’s needs today, we were also asked to ensure it would be able to cope with the functionality needed to keep it in line with the company’s expansion plans. Whilst the current content can be viewed by everyone, in the future, the client is planning to add subscription-only content, both in text and podcast formats.

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About sales-mind

The difference between the training provided by sales-mind and other sales training companies is that sales-mind training focuses on the challenges and mindsets of the salespeople themselves, rather than looking only at ways of persuading the customers to buy, which is the way they used to do things back in the ‘70s.

The advances in communications since the era of flares and terrible haircuts have profoundly changed the way customers research and buy products and services. With everyone being able to access as much information about products and services as they need, they respond differently – and often negatively – to ‘traditional’ sales techniques.

sales-mind training takes this change in consumer psychology into account. The sales mindset is no longer applied to the consumer, but is focused on the salesperson’s own mental strengths with regard to the softer sales skills of focus, resilience, motivation, self-belief and empathy.

This kind of training is designed to be thought-provoking and motivational, giving sales teams and business development managers the tools they need to help them become more effective and engaged brand ambassadors.


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