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Our website design team’s keyboards have been positively steaming recently, and we are proud to have launched another new site! This time it’s for Elite Edge HR which provides bespoke HR consultancy services to SMEs and start-up companies.

As a business service, the company needed to highlight its offering, experience and USP in order to encourage lead generation and enquiries. We designed the new website to look professional and businesslike, at the same time as making it easy and intuitive to navigate.

HR relies on high levels of confidentiality, and the high-security firewall we use with every website is more than up to the task of protecting data from hackers and evolving threats. We also installed an SSL certificate for secure data submission – something we recommend to all our clients. It not only protects sensitive data, but it also boosts the website’s Google ranking.

About Elite Edge HR

Having the right HR strategy can help change your company from good to great. It will attract new staff members with the best skillset and mindset, as well as improve employee retention. HR consultants are not just there to solve problems, they can help you introduce better ways of doing things, provide training and implement other measures that will lead to greater motivation and productivity.

Run by HR specialist Helen Bell, Elite Edge HR offers HR resources to small- and medium-sized companies and specialist solutions and training to larger organisations. Helen has been an HR specialist for over 30 years, meaning she has a wealth of knowledge, experience and examples of best practice to draw upon.

Understanding that different companies have vastly different HR needs. Helen helps companies design an HR strategy that will work for them both now and in the future. Her services include retained HR consultancy and project management as well as an HR clinic.

Geographically, Elite Edge HR covers London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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