Google Analytics – Why is it important?

Google Analytics – Why is it important?
29 Jun 2015

You might invest a lot of money creating a brand spanking new website and hours of your time making sure that the content is quality but what is the point if you don’t know if anyone is actually seeing any of your hard work?

Within your marketing strategy you will more than likely be splitting your budget between paid advertising, SEO, social and direct marketing – but how do you know what really works best for your business?

Maybe you are spending too much time and money on Adwords but not enough on your email campaign, or maybe social works extremely well for you but you are not utilising it to its full potential.

Google Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to measure and analyse all of your website visitors and find out exactly where they came from!?

I think by now you must know where I am going with this…

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for any business with a website, it can allow you to see:

  • Which strand of your marketing strategy they came from
  • How they found your website
  • How long they spend on your website
  • What keywords were used for them to find your website
  • How long they spent on your website
  • Which page they landed & exited on
  • Which paths they take once on your website
  • Which images and buttons perform better than others
  • Where geographically your visitors are coming from
  • Which browser they are using
  • Which device they are using

And the list goes on… basically anything other than what they had for breakfast that day! Clever isn’t it!?

We at Cariad Marketing love Google Analytics and use it on every one of our accounts here. In fact I love it so much I recently took the Google Analytics Exams in order to brush up on my knowledge of the tool and learn how to really make the most of it for each of our client’s individual needs.

It really helps you to find out exactly how your website is performing and what you should be improving on in order to meet your marketing objectives. You can set up and monitor specific goals and benchmarks to ensure that you are meeting your personal and overall key targets.

If you would like to find out more about how Cariad Marketing can help your business using Google Analytics, get in touch today for a chat, or better still pop by for a cuppa and a cookie! 🙂


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