Google and Alphabetti Spaghetti, is there a connection today?

11 Aug 2015

Hardly a 21st century product, Alphabetti Spaghetti was discontinued by Heinz in 1990 then re-launched to hungry and alphabet pasta craving consumers in 2005 – when Google was just seven years old and just one year into being a publicly owned company.

Ten years on from its seventh birthday, now the world’s largest search engine, Google is very much a 21st century organisation and, as such, is re-structuring to make best use of its continuing diversification into new areas of our digital lives and to work in the arena of the increasingly mentioned “internet of things” or IoT.

“So where’s the alphabetic connection?” we hear you ask! Yesterday morning, from its US base and to a worldwide audience, Google announced it has rebranded with the launch of a new holding company called Alphabet and Google will be the largest wholly owned subsidiary of that company.  As far as Google search, and its other online search related tools and products, is concerned, nothing will change; but this rebranding move will enable the Google team to focus on its core search business while Alphabet, the new holding company, will provide the facility to pursue ventures like self-driving cars and work in other areas like medical research and all independently of the Google brand.

In an article in today’s Guardian we learn that the reasoning behind the new name is Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Google’s co-founders, “liked Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important inventions and the core of how we index with Google search”.

Want to find out more? Check out a simple and funky new domain (with no or .com; instead it’s a “.xyz” how very relevant for a brand new company called Alphabet). At you’ll find a full explanation of what Alphabet is all about!


Google introduces new company Alphabet

Social media has embraced the new name and the networks are buzzing with the news, although it does seem to have provoked some confusion with The Guardian’s Social and Community Manager @ElenaCresci  who posed the question on Twitter “is Google still Google or what?” The answer to that must surely be “very much so” but “watch this space with Alphabet” and follow the trending hashtag #Alphabet.

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