Google unveils its New Logo

Google logo
2 Sep 2015


Following Google’s recent news regarding its move to a new holding company, Alphabet, Google has unveiled its new logo (see below).


Personally, I’m a big fan of simplistic and clean logos. However, I think Google may have gone a little over-board to the point where it gives me the impression of a children’s playgroup, rather than a top search engine…but hey, maybe it’s been so long since its last drastic logo change that it’ll grow on me. What do you think?

Let’s take a look at some of Google’s old logos, starting with its last one…


(2013 logo) – Personally, I think that Google made a wise choice to remove the drop shadow effect they had going on in the logo before this (2010 logo). The logo is clean and subtle yet  impactful.





(2010 logo) – Probably the most memorable logo for many or the one you picture when you think of Google. This logo incorporates a lighter drop shadow than the 1999 version and for good reason too!




(1999 logo) – Back when having a shadow behind your logo was all the rage! The idea to give it more form and stand out, backfired. Although, this logo was a big improvement on its first one, see below.



(1998 logo) – We’re jumping back now to Google’s first logo, back when owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin came together for their Stanford University graduate project.


Our Pro Tips for a great logo design

A logo is more than just a logo. What do I mean, you ask? A logo is the defining face of your company. Your logo defines your brand’s service. It is not only important that your logo stands out from the pack of other businesses just like yours, it is also important to give your clients the instant feeling that your company is going to professionally deliver and put your needs first. A logo can do that in one, short, glimpse.

Just like how a great looking website is more likely to hold a customer’s interest long enough to make a purchase, a great logo gives the impression that your company is professional, modern and dedicated to delivering a superb service. A memorable logo is even more powerful!

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