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Hertford Fitness Studios

Once again steam has been seen coming out of keyboards at Cariad Towers, as we have just built and launched a new website for Hertford Fitness Studios.

We had a very specific brief for the site – the Studio had just been taken over by our client who wanted us to create a fresh, new WordPress website to reflect her company’s fresh start.

The Fitness Studios are based at Hertford Rugby Club and, as such, are regularly used by club members as well as a growing number of men and women who may not be athletes but are serious about getting – and keeping – fit. We were asked to re-brand the logo and the website using the colours of the rugby club – blue and yellow.

The most important part of the new website is that it’s a good reflection of the Studio, i.e. personal, warm, friendly and fun. The client also asked us to ensure that the new site be simple and intuitive to use, with clear and accessible information. They also wanted to make it easy for members and potential members to get in touch – to this end, we made sure the contact details are clearly visible at the top of every page.

Attracting new gym members through the personal touch

To show how friendly the Studio is, as well as how dedicated members are to their fitness regimes, the majority of the photography on the website is of real members working out in the gym. Photos that are real – rather than stock photos of young, skinny people – are more likely to attract the Studios’ target members: women in their 30s and 40s who are serious about getting fit and will be committed to putting the work in; and men in the same age range who want to begin their fitness journey before the middle-age spread arrives!

Booking exercise classes

We were also asked to put an interactive timetable on the website – members can reserve their place in classes through their electronic calendars, which also means they’ll never forget they’ve booked!

If you would like more information about re-branding your website, call us on 01992 582 824 or email welcome@cariadmarketing.com.

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