Hertfordshire Business Awards Calendar

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6 Oct 2016

Winning an award is the cherry on the cake for most businesses because it signifies all the hard work and commitment you (and your team!) have put into making your business stand out.

There are many internal and external benefits of winning an award. Take prospective clients for example – an award is a terrific way of showing people you’re good at what you do – so filling your trophy cabinet can help bring in quality leads for your business. In order to help you in your award-winning endeavours, we’ve put together a guide to the Hertfordshire Business Awards 2017 calendar so you can see what awards there are, and if there are any you are interested in entering.

You may think there’s lots of time before you need to enter, but a very useful exercise is to look at the questions being asked in 2016 – can you answer them fully? The likelihood is the same questions will be asked in 2017 too, so if you don’t think you’re fully up to scratch on some aspects, you’ve got a few months to implement or change anything that’ll help your entry really shine!

Hertfordshire Business Awards Calendar

Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards

First on our list is the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards. The Chamber of Commerce seeks to support local business with networking opportunities and frequently organises training courses to help encourage growth within the community. The categories are arguably the most varied, so whether you’re a charity organisation or operating within the tourism industry there is most likely an award out there for you!

If you’re interested in finding out more check out their website

Entry deadline: March

Awards evening: May


FSB’s SME Awards

Next up is the Federation of Small Business. The FSB plays a huge part in promoting small businesses and acknowledges innovative business ideas with awards such as the “Business Innovation” “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Young Business Person of the Year Award” as well as a number of other activities such as marketing and PR and how effective your business has been at setting yourself apart from the crowd.

You can check out their award categories for 2016 here

Entry deadline: April

Awards evening: June


Hertfordshire Digital Awards

It wouldn’t be a complete awards calendar without including a digital awards ceremony in the line-up, and what’s more worthy than one of Hertfordshire’s largest digital awards? If you check out our social media, you’ll see that we were proud to be finalists in two categories this year.

The HDAs are part of a larger series of schemes that promote creative and innovative thinking within the digital space. If you’ve had a particular social campaign that you’re very proud of, or you’ve had a newly-redesigned website that you think pips your competitor’s, then you might want to keep these awards in mind for 2017.

Here are the awards from 2016

Entry deadline: July

Awards evening: September


East of England Business Champions

Open to a much larger pool of applicants than the other awards on this list, the EofE Business Awards (as they’re sometimes referred to) are open to businesses in Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. The awards are specifically for businesses with a turnover between £25,000 – £5million per annum. The awards recognise a whole number of different achievements from Best New Business to the Hertfordshire Business Champion as well as many more.

You can see the full list of their categories here

Entry deadline: August

Awards evening: October

Hertfordshire Business Awards

The Herts Business Awards are now in their 20th year, so they have seen more winners than a 2p slot machine at a seaside arcade!  The awards are intended to ‘celebrate excellence and innovation within Hertfordshire’ and look at local business successes within the community. They have awards to represent all categories of business from new to old and small to large, not to mention several accolades for standout individuals.

You can find all their categories by following this link

Entry deadline: October

Awards evening: November

That concludes our business awards calendar but there are many other awards to choose from, so if you would like to learn more on any specific one, ask a question in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can always contact them directly via their website. This is only a select number of awards within Hertfordshire and is not an exhaustive list. All dates within the awards calendar were based on dates given for the annual period 2015/2016.


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