Hertfordshire Transport firm wins EEDA grant for innovation

Hertfordshire Transport firm wins EEDA grant for innovation

Local firm Assi Transport UK Ltd is celebrating being awarded a sizable Proof of Market grant from the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), to develop their new pallet stacking system –  STAKA (working title).

Managing Director Philippa Bell explained:  “Road transport accounts for over 83% of goods transported in the UK, with items typically shipped on pallets within lorries. Transportation of delicate items presents an issue because pallets cannot be stacked on top of each other as it may damage the cargo, which results in an inefficient usage of space and fuel. STAKA is a simple, yet effective solution to a problem which has plagued road transport companies for years.”

“Increasing the capacity carried whilst protecting delicate goods in transit, STAKA is a unique concept for safely stacking pallets inside a lorry. When not required STAKA can be nested with other pallets to minimise wasted space. STAKA offers a safer, more flexible and easy-to-use solution to shipping goods whilst delivering significant efficiency gains, fuel savings and overall CO2 reductions for road transport.”

Bourne End-based Assi UK are long established in transporting and shipping goods around Europe. Specialising in the shipment of furniture and delicate goods, it also offers warehousing services, the combination of which were the inspiration for the innovation behind their new product.

Mrs Bell concluded “2010 is undoubtedly a year of expansion, innovation and growth for our business. The support, assistance and grant funds that have been invested by the EEDA, have enabled us to undertake a thorough technical and commercial market assessment of the STAKA, which are vital before we take our new product to market. Exciting times ahead”.

This project was supported by the East of England Development Agency.


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