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Interior design conceptYou may remember our previous blog ‘Houzz. What is it and how is it good for business?’ – which focuses on how to not only use Houzz, but use it in a way that benefits your interior design business most.

So now you know how it all works, I think it’s only fair we share with you five top tips to maximise your brand awareness and lead generation when using Houzz.

Lead generation with Houzz

1 – Username needs to be your company: This might seem obvious to you, but clients in the past have used their personal information during the account creation process which has led to confusion. The problem is, when potential clients click onto your online profile, the HTML link will contain your name instead of your brand name! Find out how to change your username.

2 – Ask for customer reviews: Reviews will increase the validity of your services to potential clients and so it’s important to have them. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Not only will this be a positive reflection of your brand, but it will contribute to improving your position in the algorithm. Find out how to get more customer reviews.

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3 – Utilise ideabook: An ideabook is basically a reflection of your brand values. Therefore, it is vital that you use one! One of our own clients had initially used general images on their ideabook, before deciding on past customer project photos instead. This seemed to provide their prospective clients with more trust and ultimately allowed them to their expand social network. So, how do you create an ideabook?

4 – Link everything to the right page: When creating your projects and uploading different products, there’s an option to provide a link to your website. Make sure you link to a relevant page on your website in order to avoid confusion. This will provide your potential clients with a more seamless experience.

5 – Manage your supplies: Make sure you manage your ‘stock’ well and ensure you provide an accurate account of this. Cancellations and delays will impact your ‘seller score’ and remove seller privileges, having a negative effect on your brand image. Find out how to better manage your supplies.

If you would like to find out more about Houzz and how our social media services can help you maximise brand awareness and lead generation, give us a call or get in touch!

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